My Story

It all started...

Towards the last year of university. I was highly stressed, barely sleeping (like any student!) and suffering from severe heartburn. It seemed like such a simple thing. Yet it restricted my meal times, socializing events and at its worst it was extremely painful. It felt like a cat was clawing from within. I went to the doctor and she told me the only way to deal with heartburn was by taking an $80 medication every month for the rest of my life.


I knew it was up to me to heal myself. What could I possibly be doing wrong? What is my body trying to tell me? I was feeling helpless, hopeless and desperate. So I started reading everything I could about heartburn, stomach acidity, juicing, veganism, macrobiotics, body ph, alkaline foods and a lot more.

It took a couple of years for my stomach to heal and a lot of trial and errors to see what worked for me.
It's amazing how little we actually know about our health and bodies. We're taught to go to the doctors when we're not feeling well as opposed to listening our bodies. We're treated with a one size fits all approach when in fact, we are all SO different. Why are we allowing others to tell us what's best for us? Why can't we tell when we're healthy and when we're not?

When did we lose this connection within?! 


Because we should be able to take care our ourselves, to understand our bodies so we can work with it (and not against it) To understand our desires, our fears so we can live an authentic, fulfilling life.

So I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a certified health coach. Self care shouldn't be a chore, everyone should have the information and knowledge to take care of themselves.

A couple of years later, I quit my full time advertising job in pursuit of my life passion: to empower people to be there best selves.

In addition to health/wellness, I am also a licensed Firestarter Sessions Facilitator! Based on the book by Danielle Laporte, I'm inspired to help others hone into their strengths, dive into their passions and live a life they're truly excited about. It's all about defining success in your own terms :) Nothing gets me more giddy and excited then 'breakthrough moments' ;)

And in 2017 I became a Strala Yoga guide. Where I learned more about ease, surrender and how to accomplish more with less pushing with my body and mind. 


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