Coaching Containers

Blend of Human Design, Yoga, Mindset, Holistic practices to guide you back to your inner knowing.

unsure of how alignment feels to you

You’re Wondering what your next step should be

feeling like you're constantly behind, unable to catch up

feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated

But there’s a disconnect between what you know, what you want and where you’re actually at

You know you’re capable of so much more

You're yearning for clarity but not sure where to even start

You've tried a few things in the past but then you hit a wall and you're back to square one

You’ve felt this whisper for a while now and it’s becoming louder and louder yet you're not sure what it's trying to tell you.

There's resistance holding you back; imposter syndrome, fear of taking up space, wanting to use your voice but afraid to own it and you keep wondering to yourself "Is it suppose to be this hard?"


You want to get out of your own way

You're at a crossroads.

Work through your blocks and move past resistance

Tune into your inner voice

Understand where your alignment is pulling you

embody your unique energetic makeup

You’re ready to show up and take up space as you

I know it all feels overwhelming but it doesn't have to be!

I was exactly where you’re at just a couple of years ago. Looking for a lifeline, searching for clarity

And then I realize I was looking for answers from everybody else but me. But wholeness starts from within. When we're anchored to who we are, what we love, what our core values are, what's keeping us stuck...we're then able to expand from there.

Through mindset work, Yoga and Human Design I've been able to understand and honour myself better. From the the flow of my unique energies and how they want to be expressed to surrendering to my ebbs and flows. It's helped me heal my inner child, connect to my higher self and align to my life purpose.

And I wholeheartedly believe you can too.

Imagine being able to:

Because when we start living in alignment to our true selves we have more energy, learn to manage stress and most importantly have clarity on what's best for us. We get to make space and embody the traits of who we truly want to be.

To get out of your own way. No more feeling disconnected from yourself. To lead with your intuition, to live a life with more freedom while honouring your energetics. To radiate from the inside out. To go from surviving to thriving.

It's time to reclaim your power back. To tune into your inner wisdom and live in alignment to you

let it be easy

Connecting to your inner wisdom, learning to surrender and cultivate inner trust and discernment.

develop unwavering trust in yourself

Tools to support your process and needs. Identifying your expression, strengths and patterns.

recognize points of tension

Understand your energetic pulls. How to nourish yourself, sensitize to your body and minds' cues

Tune into your inner wisdom

honour your unique energetics

The mechanics of how your energy moves. From what you take in, amplify to what you project.

— Maxinne

I've learned to take time to be with my own thoughts, to meditate and shed guilt from my decisions.

Jes is supportive, intuitive, gentle, enthusiastic, generous and loving. There were many sessions that began with me being high anxious, stressed out and upset. By the end of every session I felt lighter. Jes has the ability to help me focus on the important things and find clarity in the chaos. [...]

I have grown so much over such a short time.

The most significant change I've noticed is that I trust myself more.

Working with Jes 1:1


You will immediately feel comfortable in her presence and safe to share intimate details of your life and eating habits without any fear of judgement. She has a very calming presence and will help guide you to better decisions in your life, so deftly you won't even realize she's guiding you. She has infinitely improved my life, and I could not recommend her more.

Jes is an absolutely ideal coach. She's extremely empathetic, trustworthy, supportive, wise, and kind.

Working with Jes 1:1

If you're ready to take the next step with me,
here are a few ways I can support you:

The Recalibrate Package includes a Foundational Reading, an Advanced Reading plus 3-8 sessions along with email and voice support in between. This package is perfect for anyone who's interested in learning more about their designs and are looking for some extra support as you navigate blocks, move through your breakthroughs in whatever season you're in.

Recalibrate Package

a la carte - 1:1 sessions


Starting at $500 usd

An 8 week container, consisting of weekly 60 minute sessions where we work towards a specific goal as you recalibrate, strengthen your connection to self, align to your human design energetics, navigate blocks through mindset and holistic practices. With email/voice messaging support (voxer or whatsapp) plus exercises to ground and integrate.

Integrate & Embody Package

8 week experience


$1200 usd

(currently 3 spots available)

An intimate 10-week-live group coaching program designed to help you find clarity by strengthening your connection within.

10 week Live coaching program

in community


– Mary

Jes is my wellness check-point. We easily get lost in the everyday chaos of life. Having someone like a coach helps to ground you back to remember what's important and why you reach out to a coach in the first place. They help to remind you to put yourself first.

The most significant change I have noticed has been being more aware of what I need to do for myself

Working with Jes 1:1

Apply for a 20 minute Expansion Session to see if this is the support you need right now

Wondering if coaching is the right step for you?

*This is not a sales call, just an opportunity to connect and see if this is the right step for you