Rip off that bandaid - 3 Questions to Find your True North

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Nothing weighs heavier than regret. Feeling this uneasiness, that you’re not where you’re supposed to be. Knowing deep down you’re meant for more.

I get it, it's damn right terrifying! And it's a lot easier to sit on this feeling hoping it'll go away on it's own.

But you're simply covering the truth with a bandaid. This is denial

Girl, it’s time to rip that bandaid off 

Listen to that uneasiness. It's a start, an invitation for you to step into your super-freakin-nova light. So grab your favourite pizza, some wine or kombucha, put on your daily Spotify mix. And start scribbling your thoughts down. Don't leave anything out. From the most ridiculous childhood dreams — hello Magic School Bus! — to every single thing you' want right now. More pizza? Check! A sweet neck massage? Check! Go explore Asia and live in Bali for a couple of months? Check!

Yes, it's hard and pretty awkward to look within when you've spent most of your life looking outwards

But what if I tell you, that deep down you know exactly what you need to be happy? 

That the first step in honouring your truth and getting into alignment is to dive within? Remove the outside noise and strengthen that connection to yourself. It's a practice and it starts with finding your center.

Whenever I'm feeling lost I ask myself these 3 simple questions. They are grounding and help me organize my thoughts:

  • Who am I?

  • What do I want?

  • How can I serve?

Now, you probably remember me sharing them before and while these questions won't solve the mysteries of the universe. You’ll be surprise of what comes up (or not). Whatever you do, don’t force anything. Listen to whatever comes and goes. It will change and that's fine but you'll start to get more clarity. Pinky promise! You just need to start and lay out the seeds.

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I believe in you! 

Big cyber hug,