17 Gate of Opinions

17 Gate of Opinions

We’re currently sampling 17 Gate of Opinions. This is the potential to project a pattern through well-timed opinions and concepts.

The Gate of Opinions is always making sense of how they see the world organizing their insights and formulizations into possible concepts. When shared at the right time, these opinions have the potential to correct patterns for the future.

It takes the formulizations from the 63-4 Channel of Logic and organizes them into opinions.


From Ajna to Throat Center

It is located in the Ajna—the cognitive awareness center for processing; from ideas to concepts, details and answers. Gate 17 gives those concepts possible ways to structure them.

It reaches towards Gate 62, the gate of Details in the Throat Center—hub for communication, expression & action. This energy provides the details, “legs” to the opinions, concepts formulated by Gate 17. Together they form the 17-62 Channel of Acceptance.


Fear of Challenge

Without Gate 62, the 17 doesn’t always have the energy to eloquently share their perspective nor the details/facts to back them up.

Which can lead to anxiety over not being able to see the details of their concepts. Without facts to support their opinions. The fear frequency behind this gate is the fear of being challenged. Of not being able to prove/express themselves, fear that their input is not valid nor received by the other.


Projected Channel

While the 17 has the ability to easily spot and understand structures + patterns right away; without the 62, one of their biggest lessons is to wait for the right time to share. After all this is a projected energy, where being recognized and invited in is crucial.


Collective Understanding Circuit

With Gate 17 active in your chart, you’ll probably find that you have an opinion on everything and anything at any given moment, yet this energy is part of the Collective Understanding Circuit and it’s theme is all about sharing in order to project a better pattern for the collective when recognized and invited to do so.

It’s not meant to be turned inwards, to your own choices or questioning your authority or even directed to relationships or people.

How can you trust that the right people will receive the wisdom of this gate when ready? How can you recognize the pressure to share without succumbing to it if there’s not enough energy present? Let your strategy & authority guide you.


Shadow Expression

The shadow expression of this gate can lead to fear of being challenged, being opinionated + defensive or pushing opinions as facts without room for debate. It can also lead to looking for flaws in yourself, in everything and everyone.

Opinions are meant to be shared and challenged; what are some healthy outlets to release this energy? What are the people and/or places where you’re invited and recognized to share?

You are not your opinions. They’re just one of many ways in which you interpret the world. How can you practice detachment from your opinions? How can you infuse playfulness in your ideas? How can you see challenges as ways to strengthen them?


Wisdom of Gate 17

The wisdom of Gate 17 is beautifully reflected in the spirit of Research and Science: to gather information from facts and hypothesize through it’s ability to see, predict patterns based on current data. This logical energy demands proof and part of it’s process is to be challenged by others through debates, play and experimentation. This is how it transforms, to being either adopted by the masses or rejected.

What are the possibilities? What might happen if we combine A & B? This energy infuses many new ideas to be explored by the collective. Just take a look at social media. How it started, how much it’s changed and continues to while influencing our behaviour on how we interact, connect, relate to another.


Lessons of the Gate of Opinions

The lesson of Gate 17 is learning to release attachment to your opinions, to infuse play and curiosity to your concepts.

Remember, you are not your thoughts. While your opinions have the potential to transform the collective, it doesn’t mean everything you say or do will do so. How can you soften into other parts of yourself? How can you release the expectations from what you share? How can you allow yourself to have fun? You’re here to inspire.

Let your strategy & authority guide you on who and when to share. Not everyone is worthy of receiving your point of view.

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Mar 27, 2023

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