22 Gate of Openness

22 Gate of Openness

Mar 10, 2023



A few days ago the Sun moved into 22 Gate of Openness. The emotional awareness to what you’re feeling, an openness to surrender to your moods.

While the 55 Gate of Spirit, is the emotional awareness of our search for the correct mood/spirit. The 22 Gate of Openness, is the awareness of what mood/spirit are being shared with others.



From Solar Plexus to Throat Center

Coming from the Solar Plexus—the emotional awareness and motor center, the 22 Gate of Openness is the awareness of what mood / spirit are being shared with others.

It then reaches to the Throat—the hub for voice, communication, expression & action, to 12 Gate of Caution to express their emotional truth through moods, words, art, poetry, melodies etc.

Together, they form the 22-12 Channel of Openness.

Known as a design of a social being because when it’s on the high end of the wave it has the potential to impact others through the depths of their moods + expression. Along with the capacity to listen to others deeply, to receive their emotional energy. But when it’s in the low, it’s an “antisocial” energy where it’s best processed by being alone, in their own space. Yet the 12 without the 22 can’t always express what they’re feeling with others.

Knowing when to be social + when to be alone plays a vital role in honouring the high + lows of your emotional process. When you’re in the mood it is magnetic, it pulls other in to share + be with you. When you’re not in the mood, it does the opposite and can push others away. It sends a “leave me alone” kind of vibe.


Individual Circuitry & Manifested Channel

Part of the Individual Knowing Circuitry, this energy is impulsive + deeply mutative. Your moods and their transformation have the ability to mutate others.

When the whole channel is defined (22-12) this energy is Manifested, so informing before taking any sort of action/expression will remove resistance from those around you.


Shadow Expressions

This energy is seen as great listening and space holding skills. Because of your openness to feel, your capacity to hold space for others it may draw out other’s emotional process. You may find people feel comfortable in making sense of their emotional process with you.

In the shadow expression, you might repress your emotions + feel resentful to those around you. Or unable to manage the emotional energy + lash out.

“Your openness, and your attentiveness to what is essential and new for others, are gifts of grace which even impact strangers. You listen to others until they complete what they are saying, making what you have to say naturally come second. This is grace in action, as well as the key to your own empowerment. In fact, it is your responsibility and privilege to use your social listening skills in a way that makes change available to others” – Ra Uru Hu & Linda Bunnell

Similar to 55 Gate of Spirithonouring your mood and your needs is crucial, it will give you the space to be with + process this emotional energy.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your moods impact those around you. Now, that’s not something you can control nor are you responsible for how others react but you can be aware of how you’re feeling + how to take care of yourself + what your needs are during your waves.

Because at the end of the day, this energy starts with you and your wellbeing. Just because you may have great listener skills (that make others feel good) doesn’t mean you always have the capacity to receive that energy nor in the mood of sharing what you’re feeling (specially without the 12).



Fear of Silence

Being in the Solar Plexus, there’s a fear frequency with this energy, the fear of silence. Fear of not having anything worthwhile to share or listen to. After all, this energy is here to be shared, mutated and transformed.


Wisdom of Gate 22

The Wisdom of Gate 22 is the graciousness of feeling it all. The possibilities of surrendering to the depths of our emotional consciousness: Pain, sorrow, ecstasy, joy, hope, faith…as we make sense of the world around and within us. It’s a part of the human experience, to be transformed, to change. It’s recognizing mood and allowing yourself to be in it.

We are not our feelings; yet the depth of our feelings can offer us insights, lessons and even opportunities to connect to our inner selves + with each other. As we heal, expand, contract, create…


Lesson of the Gate of Openness

The Lesson of the 22 is the importance of tending to our emotional needs and wellbeing. In holding space for our feelings, in having a safe container to process our emotional depth and trauma.

Our emotions are insights. While they don’t hold the “truth” they are points of awareness. They colour how we see the world, our place in it, our relationships, our experiences…They allow us to relate to each other, to connect, to heal, and at times also hurt, do harm. Remember, energy is neutral and never static. We move continuously through the shadow and high expressions.

How are you taking care of yourself as you navigate your emotional waves? Trust that clarity will come.

Who can you lean on? How can you give yourself space to be?

This is an acoustic gate. How does music, singing, different sounds/vibrations support your processing?


Gate 22 Keynotes


Share your reflections:

Do you have Gate 22 active or know somebody who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply comment below to share.

💭 I have Gate 12, in an undefined throat + undefined solar plexus, so I often feel the absence of the 22, not knowing what I’m feeling.

This is an electromagnetic with my husband and it defines both our throat + SP centers. With my 12, he’s able to express what he’s feeling & his 22 gives me the ability to tap into what I’m feeling.


Exploring Further

And if you’re looking for some additional support in synthesizing the elements of your Human Design chart, book a 1:1 session or package here.

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  1. Kayla says:

    The piece about your defined 12 and husbands defined 22 is beautiful! I have a defined solar plexus and defined 22 with an open throat and open 12. I have always thought people who can feel so deeply and then turn that feeling into something like poetry or art or music is beautiful. I often find myself swimming in the emotion – wonder if that is because of the open 12?

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Kayla,

      Thank you for your share! Your 22 with a defined Solar Plexus will definitely lead to all the feels, constantly submerged in a depth of emotions as you process, take in the world.

      As your authority, emotions is the lens through how you see the world. And yes, along with the gifts of the 22, this individual energy leads to the creation of the most profound and moving art pieces as well!