23 Gate of Assimilation

23 Gate of Assimilation

May 11, 2023


We are experiencing the energy of 23 Gate of Assimilation. This gate is here to shake things up, to translate insights into language that has the ability to mutate the collective.


From Ajna to Throat Center

The Gate of Assimilation is the expression of the Individual Knowing Circuit, carrying the voice of “I know” or “I don’t know”. It’s here to share their unique, innovative insights and perspectives when the time is right.

Starting in the Ajna—our cognitive awareness center, 43 Gate of Insight transforms + organizes individual inner knowing into ideas and concepts.

Which then reaches towards the Throat—the center for voice, expression, communication & action. Where 23 Gate of Assimilation takes those insights and ‘packages’ them so they can be delivered/expressed. Together they form the 43-23 Channel of Structuring.

Gate 23 has the ability to translate, to ground our concepts into a language that others can digest, understand (and receive). Often expressed as the energy of innovation, with the capacity to nudge the collective into a new way of thinking.

But the 23 without Gate 43, doesn’t always have the mental energy to process or organize that inner knowing. Feeling mental anxiety, pressure to have to ‘know’ or needing to explain things clearly.

A big theme of the Gate of Assimilation is learning when/what to share. Not every idea, every question has to be shared by you, specially if there isn’t energy and your S&A are not aligned.


Projected Channel + Individual Knowing Circuit

As a projected energy, recognition + invitation is an important part of your process. Your individual knowing is powerful and has the ability to mutate others YET it doesn’t mean everything you share will be received or have an impact on others.

Your inner knowing is not something that can be necessarily backed up by facts. Your innate genius might be misinterpreted when shared at the wrong time with the wrong people. Timing is everything.

Being in the Individual Circuit, this energy operates at it’s own pulse. Going through periods of melancholy; oscillating between bouts of flow, eloquence and frustration of being stuck + not being able express themselves properly.


Shadow Expressions

In the shadow expressions, this energy can lead to a fear of rejection. When operating in that state there’s a pressure to blurt your shares in an effort to be recognized and received yet it does the exact opposite. Creating discomfort for you + disconnect from those around you = feelings of bitterness.

“The moment someone speaks out of a frequency of fear or anger, even the most beautiful sounding words can become dangerous and divisive.”—Richard Rudd

But this energy is not meant for everyone. Learning to trust your timing and expression will help you lean into the wisdom of Gate 23. Whenever you notice a pressure building up to share, how can you hold this energy and check in with your Strategy & Authority. In what places are you recognized and able to express openly?


Lesson of Gate 23

One of the biggest lessons of the Gate of Assimilation lies in patience and timing. This energy is here to be shared but like we mentioned before it’s not at anytime nor is it for anyone.

You have a way with words. They have a powerful impact when shared at the right time. Think of it as energy building up until the right recipients, opportunities appear. How you share matters as much as what you share.

Some ways to work with this energy:

  • Is there a pressure to share but no recognition? How does it feel when you’re received vs. times when you haven’t been?
  • Having creative outlets where you’re able to talk out loud or share openly will help you move + release this energy build up
  • Sharing what you don’t know is also a part of your process. You don’t need to always ‘know’


Wisdom of the Gate of Assimilation

Wisdom from Gate 23 is expressed through playfulness + surrender. An ability to lean into the voice of “I know” + “I don’t know” and at the same time a sense of detachment from what we share.

Being able to dance in the unknown, to soften into ourselves even when we don’t have the answers or knowing. To ease into simplicity without the push to prove, know or solve. To adopt a playful attitude allowing your knowing to transform, transcend in their own timing. Making space for your truth to come to you as oppose to chasing after it.

How can you settle + cultivate presence as you move around the world while trusting that by honouring your S&A the right opportunities will catalyst the magic of Gate 23?


Share your reflections

Do you have Gate 23 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.

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  1. Lou says:

    Aquí proyectora 5/1, puertas 7/13, 23/43. Muchas cosas me resuenan, pero no me identifico con facilidad de palabra. No causo ningún impacto en nadie.

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hola Lu! Ambos canales son “projected” es importante que seas reconocida y invitada para crear impacto. Porque no todos son tu “audiencia”, enfocandote en tu estrategia y autoridad para saber cuando y con quienes compartir 🙂