24 Gate of Rationalization

24 Gate of Rationalization

May 1, 2023

We have been moving through some intense energetic shifts in the past few weeks. From solar eclipses to Mercury retrograde, make sure you’re spending some extra time nourishing yourself, slowing down and settling in.

The Sun has been in Gate 24 for a few days now.  The Gate of Rationalization is a creative energy to inquire, to break down mystery into reason. The process of repetitively looking at something until a new approach emerges


From Crown to Ajna

Starting from the Crown—the hub for ideas, questions and inspiration. The 61 Gate of Mystery offers the fuel, the pressure to dive and look into the unknown. Asking ‘why’ type of questions.

It then reaches to the Ajna—our cognitive awareness center. Where Gate 24 processes those questions into something that can be rationalized and eventually transmuted, which then becomes a potential to inspire others.

Together they form the 61-24 Channel of Awareness.

It’s constantly pondering, trying to make sense of life’s biggest mysteries as it transforms their inner truth. It’s here to filter through the mystery, the questions until it’s able to rationalize, find answers.

Yet Gate 24 without the 61, might not know which questions are worth pondering while feeling the pressure to act on and solve every mystery.

Know that not every question, inspiration or mystery is for you to solve. Discerning through your Strategy & Authority. Your gate 24 is always running in the background, naturally filtering everything you come into contact with. How can you release the pressure to find an answer + trust they’ll come when the time/energy are aligned?


Fear of Ignorance & Shadow Expressions

The Ajna is our cognitive awareness center and it’s where we make sense of ourselves, our lives and the world around us. As a awareness center, there’s a fear frequency behind each gate.

Gate 24 carries the fear of ignorance, of not being able to find the answers. There’s a mental anxiety of not knowing when an answer will arise or where inspiration will strike.

In the shadow expressions, there’s an addictive quality behind this energy. Of going in circles obsessively to find answers when faced with the discomfort of silence, of being in the void, in the unknown. Over identifying with your thoughts making meaning out of them or your capacity to “solve” them.


Projected Channel

The Gate of Realization is projected. When sharing their interpretation + theories with others, it needs to be recognized & invited in order to be received.

As part of the Individual Knowing Circuit, this energy operates in a pulse, which is impulsive and unpredictable. It goes through periods of melancholy, in which this energy can be/seeks to be channeled into creative expressions + outlets.

Learning to recognize the pressure + surrendering to your own personal timing without forcing an answer will help you hold and process this complex energy. What helps you hold this energy? To relax and connect to your body? How can you cultivate trust that the breakthrough will come?


Lesson from Gate 24

A lesson from Gate 24 is that inspiration strikes when we least expect it to. We might feel the need to keep our minds busy in order to find a resolution but space + silence actually opens up more.

Because when you’re in a relaxed state, when we’re not actively pursuing the truth, a truth makes its way to us. Just like Newton’s story of how an apple falling on his head lead him to later develop gravitational theory.

How can you engage with your fascinations with curiosity? Releasing the pressure, the expectation and have fun in your process? Where are some places or people you can talk to where you get to share your observations openly?


Wisdom of Gate of Rationalization

The Wisdom of Gate of Rationalization is it’s ability to see new possibilities, of bringing new concepts, theories and perspectives.

This creative energy brings innovation, fresh ways of thinking into the collective. It doesn’t mean that every new idea will resonate or that it’ll be embraced by others but that’s not what the energy is here for. It just wants to create, to do something differently, to share their concepts.

In learning to contemplate the unknown from a detached place, to find comfort in the void, in the uncertainty we expand our capacity to see beyond what is while making space for what is yet to be seen, to emerge.


Share your reflections

Do you have Gate 24 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.

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