3 Gate of Ordering

3 Gate of Ordering

Apr 17, 2023

We are approaching eclipse season and the Sun just moved into Gate 3, The Gate of Ordering. It’s the potential of innovation through chaos. A highly creative energy that operates in an impulsive melancholic pulse.


From Sacral to Root Center

Located in the Sacral the hub for vital life force, reproduction, sustainability and sexuality. Gate 3 channels the Sacral’s power to transcend chaos and confusion, as it brings forth mutative change.

It reaches towards the Root—the center for life fuel, momentum adrenaline, stress & pressure. It connects to 60 Gate of Acceptance; which provides the fuel, timing + structure in organizing the chaos.

Together they form the 3-60 Channel of Mutation.


Individual Knowing Circuit

The Gate of Ordering is what jumpstarts the Individual Knowing Circuit. This is a highly creative, impulsive & mutative energy that’s here to be transcended + transformed at the right time.

The life force of the Sacral is channeled into what needs order. Signalling us on what to innovate, create, solve and leap into. But remember, the Sacral is not an awareness center…

Gate 3 without the pressure buildup of Gate 60 might not always have the structure + fuel to know when to release or where to release their energy. The 3 needs the wisdom of limitations that the 60 offers. My graphic design teachers used to say, learn the rules so you can break them. Essentially, know your limitations so you can transcend them.


Generated Channel

The Gate of Ordering is often described as a confused, frazzled energy that’s constantly shifting, assessing in the background to find it’s form until it’s time to act.

It is faced with difficulty at the beginning, as it’s suspended in the void, navigating chaos and the unknown. But once it’s able to transcend that period, this energy is birthed into something new.

Coming from the Sacral this is a generated energy. It’s here to be in response. In what ways can you sensitize to your Sacral’s energy? Is it defined? Is it undefined? How does your Sacral feel in your body? Along with your strategy + authority let those cues guide you on what you need to support yourself as you go through your creative process.


Shadow Expressions

Even though you have the potential to mutate those around you—by simply honouring your own energetic flow—this is a highly individual energy. It goes through periods of melancholy, which can lead to frustration.

The shadow expression of Gate 3, also known as a gate of potential depression, feeling like you’re confused and lost, along with the melancholy of nothing ever lasting. Specially making decisions out of fear + angst as opposed to honouring your strategy & authority. When you resist the void and not trust in your capacity to find order in the chaos.

Having creative outlets, tools & practices to process this energy until it’s time to release is important so it doesn’t become stagnant.

“The wider you open yourself to the chasm that lies ahead of you, the more you will realise that there never was any chaos. It was all simply the difficulty at the beginning. It is this 3rd Shadow that makes human beings afraid to change, despite the fact that we are wired to change.

In order to evolve, a human being must embrace chaos rather than try to protect against it.

The 3rd Shadow causes human beings to distrust life itself and therefore adopt the old survival strategy known as dog eat dog. Incredibly, when you trust in chaos and allow your environment to mutate you, rather than trying to control it and stay the same, the greatest magic is revealed to you — that in chaos there is and always has been a vast underlying transformative order.”

— Richard Rudd, Gene Keys



Wisdom of Gate 3

The Wisdom of Gate 3 can be seen through innovation, to dare to think different as you colour outside the lines. In trusting your individual knowing, your own curiosity and getting lost in play

“I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.”–Thomas Edison

The optimism of trying something out regardless of what the results will be. Because at the end of the day, while this energy is mutative and deeply innovative it also doesn’t guarantee that everyone will accept or even embrace it right away. How can you honour your individuality? How can your strategy & authority support your process? What are some joyful, soothing creative outlets?


Lesson of the Gate of Ordering

One of the lessons of the Gate of Ordering can be seen in divine timing. All that needs to happen, will happen when it’s meant to happen. Aka when your strategy, authority and the rest of your energetics align.

How can you cultivate patience and take care of yourself when you’re deep in the unknown? As you tread murky waters & safely surrender to the void?

Knowing that you’re not here to change everything that comes into your awareness. To release the frustration that things are not happening fast enough, to trust yourself as you live life and move through the unexpected?


Gate 3 Keynotes


Share your Reflections

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