36 Gate of Crisis

36 Gate of Crisis

Mar 15, 2023

In the past couple of days we’ve been influenced by 36 Gate of Crisis 😱 Often referred to as the Gate of Inexperience, the dark night of the soul, a restless desire to explore the depth our capacity to feel, to be transformed through crisis.

It’s an emotional inadequacy; where clarity & possibilities of transformation emerge through crisis.



From Solar Plexus to Throat

Starting from the Solar Plexus—the emotional awareness and motor center for emotions, the 36 Gate of Crisis is the drive to go from inexperience to experience by navigating emotional crisis.

Which then reaches towards the Throat— hub for voice, expression, communication & action. Where the 35 Gate of Change pinpoints what kind of change/experience is needed.

Together, they form the 35-36 Channel of Transitoriness.

This is the drive to go from inexperience to experience by navigating emotional crisis. It’s influenced by the abstract wave. Riding through the highs and lows as you gather data/insights.

Yet the 36 without the 35, doesn’t always know where to channel this energy or what to focus on. Feeling inadequate and restless as a result. But fret not, lean into other parts of your design for guidance; tune into the wisdom of your body, strategy & authority.


Fear of Inadequacy from Inexperience

The emotional fear frequency behind the Gate of Crisis is the fear of inadequacy from inexperience.

Remember, a way to navigate fear is by taking action. But the energy of the Solar Plexus is regulated by the emotional wave, so it’s important you wait until you get clarity before you make a decision + take action.

In this case, the 36 searches for gate 35 to know what kind of change or experience will help it gain experience. Without it, it might not always know how to channel this energy but that also means you’re not here to take action out of every crisis you feel.

Lean into other aspects of your chart, perhaps going through crisis offers you more data/wisdom. How can you create a safe space as you navigate this emotional depth? How can you support yourself in the process? How can you release expectations + pressure?

Losing your head in a crisis is a good way to become the crisis. –C.J. Redwine


Shadow Expressions

This gate is flavoured by inexperience, they see crisis as a diamond to be mined. Each challenge presents an opportunity to gain experiencen and grow. This is what the 36 is motivated by, to gain more experience.

But in the shadow expressions, they might become the crisis themselves or continually instill crisis in others. Letting the fear of inadequacy take over, repressing themselves. Their sexuality, their desires for explorations or on the opposite end, numbing through experiences without allowing themselves time to move their waves and cycles. Acting out of crisis before reaching emotional clarity.


Collective Sensing Circuit & Projected Gate

It’s part of the Collective Sensing Circuit, a cyclical emotional energy. Which means, it’s here to learn through cycles. It’s about sharing the lessons from your experiences with others, even help manage crisis for others (it’s not meant to be focused inwards).

When the 36 is not connected to the 35, it’s a projected gate. So recognition and invitation is an important part of the process as you move this energy with others.

When it’s connected to the 35, through the 35-36 Channel of Transitoriness it becomes manifested. The motor of the Solar Plexus connected directly to Throat. Informing will help resistance in the process.


Lesson of Gate 36

The Lesson of Gate 36 teaches us on our capacity to navigate crisis, to go through darkness to overcome adversity. To persevere no matter what, to heal, to experience. It shows us how powerful we really are and our potential for growth & transformation.

At the same time, discerning that not every crisis requires your attention nor are you here to instil a crisis in everyone. Tune into yourself, your S & A.

You might notice that certain thing might feel like a ‘big’ deal to you compared to others and that’s totally normal. If it feels like a big deal to you, then honour it.

How can you hold space for yourself as you go through your wave? How can you recognize the crisis without becoming the crisis? There may be times where it may send you in a spiral, so again, it’s important you have tools to support yourself throughout. Let this emotional energy move through you as you take care of your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Among mystics, the 36th Shadow has long been known as the Dark night of the Soul. It is an archetype within human beings that pulls us towards the unknown, and that draws the unknown towards us. In so doing, this Shadow tests your levels of frequency and offers you the opportunity to transcend your own suffering. It tends to draw crisis towards itself like a magnet. If you do not break out of your own victim patterns but continue to resist your true nature, you will keep being shown the same lessons again and again until you learn from them.– Richard Rudd.


Wisdom of the Gate of Crisis

The wisdom of Gate 36 is about embracing your humanity with compassion and empathy.

When we stop denying parts of ourselves, labelling them as “good” or “bad” we’re able to remove the judgement and finally see ourselves outside of our stories + limitations. We’re finally able to see and embrace our humanness. To understand the beauty and complexity of our emotions along with the ability to understand and hold others in theirs.

This is how the emotional consciousness of the collective evolves; connecting us as we tend to our tenderness, our softness and navigate suffering, pain together. I see this energy reflected in so many different expressions such as somatic therapy, PR, crisis management, the hero’s journey in movies etc.

A person with the Gift of Humanity is a person who truly understands human emotions and who consequently understands all people. […] The moment you let go of the notion that you are somehow a victim of the fates, you begin to finally communicate cleanly with others. […] The 36th Gift is driven by the same urge as the 36th Shadow — the evolutionary impulse to experience new feelings and new situations in order to learn from them. Here, with an open heart, the 36th Gift can negotiate challenging and potentially turbulent emotional situations with maturity and diplomacy, taking one’s own and others’ feelings into consideration. People with the 36th Gift are thus the kind of people that others turn to when in distress, since their aura resonates strongly with the common human theme of suffering. At this level these people are no longer overwhelmed by emotions as they tend to be at the Shadow level, but have opened and expanded themselves to life through harsh experience. This makes them emotionally capable of handling all manner of traumatic experiences.”— Richard Rudd


Things to Contemplate

One of the ways to honour the abstract wave is learning to release expectations when diving into a new experiences.

  • How do you surrender to the wisdom of the journey in itself?
  • How can you support yourself no matter what happens?
  • How can you go into new experiences with curiosity and an open heart?
  • What are some tools that help you regulate and process your emotions?
  • Who are the people, professionals and practices you can lean on?

Gate 36 Keynotes


Share your reflections:

Do you have Gate 36 active or know somebody who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply comment below to share.

My husband has this gate in his personality Mars and I used to feel so much pressure to help him “solve his crisis”. I would notice a cycle, where every couple of months there would be some sort of crisis or dark knight of the soul.

I would amplify the crisis and try to guide him out of it (our projector + generator relationship dynamic is so obvious now looking back). And months later I would feel confused/bitter/frustrated when he came back with a similar crisis.

I remember going to therapy, terrified of enabling him, keeping him stuck in a pattern. But thankfully, my wonderful therapist helped me see my role and my reactions to his crisis. Now, with the Human Design language I can see that I was totally amplifying his crisis, taking it on and acting as if it was mine and trying to solve it from that space.

So next time that happened, I showed up differently. Instead of trying to ‘solve’ whatever he was moving through I simply held space. We held the crisis, the scary, the vulnerable parts together. That’s when I felt the energetic shift, I could literally feel his emotional wave crashing and calming. He just needed someone to hold space, to recognize those feelings with him.

I have definitely been in positions where I just wanted to vent, to feel my emotions and how powerful it can be to simply be able to name and hold them.

Exploring Further

And if you’re looking for some additional support in synthesizing the elements of your Human Design chart, book a 1:1 session or package here.

More free resources on the blog as well 😊

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  1. Palvelli says:

    Hello ! I have got it ! Door 36 …and all my life is based on crises…even at the age of 3, 4,5 6 months until 40 years old…today i am 45 and i am a person very empathique ..i know what is to go inside deep of my mind to find trésor ( trésor caché), to find True…..and i can help lots of person ..lots of person come to me and are very very happy that i can help them ….bacause i have crossed my dark side ..i help them to cross….

  2. Palvelli says:

    Hello ! I have got it ! Door 36 …and all my life is based on crises…even at the age of 3, 4,5 6 months until 40 years old…today i am 45 and i am a person very empathique ..i know what is to go inside deep of my mind to find trésor ( trésor caché), to find True…..and i can help lots of person ..lots of person come to me and are very very happy that i can help them ….bacause i have crossed my dark side ..i help them to cross….

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Palvelli,

      Yes! Once you’ve done your inner work, you’ll be able to support others through times of crises as well. And what a gift this is to the rest of us 🙌