36 Gate of Crisis

36 Gate of Crisis


In the past couple of days we’ve been influenced by 36 Gate of Crisis 😱 Often referred to as the Gate of Inexperience, the dark night of the soul, a restless desire to explore the depth our capacity to feel, to be transformed through crisis.

Let’s recap, there are two gates that connects to Gate 36:

  1. Starting with the 41 Gate of Contraction, an incessant pressure to experience new feelings. The fuel of fantasy and daydreaming.
  2. It then connects to the 30 Gate of Feelings, which is the awareness of the potential of those feelings. The energy of yearning and desire.

And then Gate 36 Crisis, is the possibility of those new feelings, coloured by an inadequacy of not having the experiences to manage them. It’s where you create + meet the challenges of change and growth through emotional crises. It connects to the 35 to create the Channel of Transitoriness.

Without the 35 Gate of Change, the 36 doesn’t know where to channel this energy or what to focus on. Feeling inadequate and restless as a result.


Solar Plexus to Throat

Located in the Solar Plexus pointing towards the Throat to be expressed. It’s part of the Collective Sensing Circuit, a cyclical emotional energy.

It’s the drive to go from inexperience to experience by navigating emotional crisis. It is influenced by the abstract emotional wave. Riding through the highs and lows as you gather data/insights.

One of the ways to honour the abstract wave is learning to release expectations when diving into a new experiences. How do you surrender to the wisdom of the journey in itself? How can you support yourself no matter what happens?


Collective Circuit

As a collective energy, it’s about sharing the lessons from your experiences with others, even help manage crisis for others (not meant to be focused inwards).


Fear of Inadequacy from Inexperience

The emotional fear frequency behind the Gate of Crisis is the fear of inadequacy from inexperience.

Remember, a way to navigate fear is by taking action. But the energy of the Solar Plexus is regulated by the emotional wave, so it’s important you wait until you get clarity before you make a decision + take action.

In this case, the 36 searches for gate 35 to know what kind of change or experience will help it gain experience. Without it, it might not always know how to channel this energy but that also means you’re not here to take action out of every crisis you feel.

Lean into other aspects of your chart, perhaps going through crisis offers you more data/wisdom. How can you create a safe space as you navigate this emotional depth? How can you support yourself in the process? How can you release expectations + pressure?


Lesson of Gate 36

The Lesson of Gate 36 teaches us on our capacity to navigate crisis, to go through darkness to overcome adversity. To persevere no matter what, to heal, to experience. It shows us how powerful we really are and our potential for growth & transformation.

At the same time, discerning that not every crisis requires your attention nor are you here to instil a crisis in everyone. Tune into yourself, your S & A.

“Among mystics, the 36th Shadow has long been known as the Dark night of the Soul. It is an archetype within human beings that pulls us towards the unknown, and that draws the unknown towards us. In so doing, this Shadow tests your levels of frequency and offers you the opportunity to transcend your own suffering. It tends to draw crisis towards itself like a magnet. If you do not break out of your own victim patterns but continue to resist your true nature, you will keep being shown the same lessons again and again until you learn from them.” – Richard Rudd.


Wisdom of the Gate of Crisis

The wisdom of Gate 36 is about embracing your humanity with compassion and empathy.

When we stop denying parts of ourselves, labelling them as “good” or “bad” we’re able to remove the judgement and finally see ourselves outside of our stories + limitations. We’re finally able to see and embrace our humanness. To understand the beauty and complexity of our emotions along with the ability to understand and hold others in theirs.

This is how the emotional consciousness of the collective evolves; connecting us as we tend to our tenderness, our softness and navigate suffering, pain together. I see this energy reflected in so many different expressions such as somatic therapy, PR, crisis management, the hero’s journey in movies etc.


Share your reflections:

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Exploring Further

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Mar 15, 2023

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