37 Gate of Friendship

37 Gate of Friendship

In the past couple of days, we’ve been getting a sample of Gate 37, the gate of Friendship. It’s the awareness of how to nurture the emotional needs of friendships + communities

A few weeks ago we talked about:

  • 19 Gate of Wanting, which is the pressure to interact with others in order to get our needs met.
  • It then connects to 49 Gate of Principles, which is the awareness of what principles are needed/aligned to get into relationships


Gate 37, is the energy that keeps said relationships together through recognizing the needs along with the exchange, the bargain to meet them.

“Give and you shall receive” encapsulates this energetic exchange nicely. Because it isn’t just about meeting needs in the bargain, it’s about the possibility to build something + flourish together.

Without Gate 40, the gate of aloneness, the 37 might not always have the energy to provide or know their limits & boundaries (and end up overgiving as a result)

From Solar Plexus to Ego Center

Located in the Solar Plexus reaching towards the Ego center. This is the energy of supporting the community’s emotional needs. And along with Gate 40 it creates the Channel of Community.

“I do this for you in exchange for…” is perhaps the undertone behind every action. Even if it’s not spoken out loud, the bargain is the social contract that keeps us together. Because at the end of the day, it’s a naturally giving energy that expects everyone to be equally giving and supportive as well. Also known as the gate of warmth, hugs + cuddling.

It needs to be recognized by others in order to give, move and transform their energy. It seeks to nurture, like a gardener tending to their garden (community, friendships). It fills it’s cup in order to pour and share with others.This is a warm, friendly energy that invites people in, it has the potential to make them feel seen and taken care of.

The 37 is always looking for it’s community and their place of belonging. Where do I fit in? What’s my role? How can I support others + be supported? It’s hyper aware of the needs of others, with endless possibilities to meet them. I wonder if the concept of Love Languages was influenced by this gate, along with the whole hospitality industry!

Projected Energy

Being a projected energy, it’s crucial they’re recognized because it’s the bond that keeps the bargain going. It’s what allows this energy to be nourished + grow. Otherwise, in the shadow expression, they could overgive, deplete themselves and feel bitter. The emotional wave could lead you to withdraw and withhold from yourself + others.

Fear of Gate 37

The fear frequency of the 37 is Fear of Tradition. According to Ra, it’s the fear of getting trapped in or having to live up to traditional Tribal roles that are not aligned to you. Not being able to meet the expectations that are attached to those traditions.

We’re always evolving; ourselves, our communities and cultures have gone through profound transformation (and are still going through).If you have this gate, how can you hold what worked in the past but also release the expectations for things to “be done the same”.

How can you hold space to align your values with how you want to show up? How can you allow your emotional depth + compassion extend to others?

Wisdom of Gate 37

The wisdom of Gate 37 shows us the ripple effects from pouring from a full cup.
I see this expressed through little acts of kindness and gestures. When we release the expectations and pour from our full cup, we’re able to strengthen the bonds in our relationships.
Even though this energy frequently asks “Is the deal sweet enough for me?” It’s not a selfish energy; it seeks an exchange that is just + fair. When we recognize each other’s efforts, we have the capacity to heal, to nourish, to build and flourish together.

How we take care + look out for each other, is reflected in the health & ethos of our communities.

Lesson of the Gate of Friendship

One of the biggest lesson of the 37 is that just because you have something to offer, doesn’t mean everyone are able to receive and/or reciprocate.
How can you instead, nourish relationships where the recognition is mutual?
Where the bargain is honoured in a similar frequency? How can you spend time in communities, friendships where you’re valued and able to be yourself; instead of searching and trying to belong in containers that look desirable yet not aligned?
Compromise can be healthy in relationships (understanding each other’s needs + communication style for example)
Be picky about who deserves your energy and viceversa.

Share your reflections:

Do you have Gate 37 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.
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Feb 27, 2023

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