51 Gate of Shock

51 Gate of Shock

Apr 5, 2023


51 Gate of Shock is such a fascinating energy. Along with gate 25, which we explored a few weeks ago. Right now we’re getting a sample of this gate.

The energy to shock, to awaken to our truth, spirit and path. To go where no one has gone.

This is the energy of being first, of shocking others by going where others have yet to go and their ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances.

From Heart Center to G Identity Center

Located in the Heart center hub for willpower, ego, the material world, determination, your drive and self worth. Gate 51 is the ego’s will and courage to compete, to push themselves into new heights.

It reaches towards the G center—the hub for direction, love, self, purpose, the seat of the Soul. It connects to 25 Gate of the Spirit of Self, which is about being centered and grounded in your spirit no matter what life throws at you (and centering others in theirs as a result) Together they form the 25-51 Channel of Initiation.

51 Gate of Shock is the energy of venturing into the unknown, of leaping into the void and it’s ability to withstand shock. Represented through the Spiritual Warrior archetype, the Shaman, they’re here to live their truth and also shock us into ours. It’s courage and radical self trust embodied.

Without the grounding energy of the 25, the 51 might feel aimless, not knowing what, when or where to channel their efforts. The 51 looks for the spirit, the love of self + direction from Gate 25.


Individual Centering Circuit

It is often said, those with Gate 51 have lived a life that is far from ordinary, their stories and anecdotes have the potential to shock, inspire, initiate and move others closer to their truth.

Shock can awaken us, it can shake our spirit, with the ability to center us towards what really matters for us so we can step into our unique path. But the 51 is not focused nor interested in shocking others, it’s just a side effect. It’s here to compete, to challenge itself into new heights.

After all, this is the only gate in the Ego center that is not part of the Community (Tribal) Circuit. Instead, it belongs to the Individual Centering Circuit which provides the energy to center the individual. Connecting the 25-51 Channel of Initiation to the 34-10 Channel of Exploration.

The 25-51 by itself is a projected channel. Which means, when sharing with others recognition and invitation is needed in order to be received. When invited in, you have the capacity to guide others to their truth.


Shadow Expression

In the shadow expressions, the competitiveness of the 51 might feel like a restless energy. Wanting to be first in order to feel superior to others, instead of bettering itself. Or reflected in the archetype of the fool, recklessly leaping into the unknown disregarding their well-being or safety in order to prove (specially in an undefined heart). Remember to lean into strategy and authority for support.

The bouts of melancholy from the individual circuit can lead to feelings of emptiness, of lacking excitement (spirit). Feeling depressed, victimized, lacking courage and self trust to move forth.

Or on the other end, using their ability to shock others for the sake of, to hurt or to get a reaction.

“The 51st Gift leads to a place of great personal empowerment and genius. The 51st Gift is engaged whenever the human competitive spirit is put into the service of creativity. Every time you have the courage to follow your own independent creative juices, you have stepped through the 51st portal of Initiative. […] To follow your initiative is to step off the beaten track and to follow the dictates of your own inner being. There is no safety net when you follow your own destiny in this way — it is a giant leap onto a path that no one else has ever travelled. The mass consciousness is both in awe and afraid of those who follow this path in life. […] It is not possible for a human being to awaken without first stepping fully into their creative independence.” — Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys



Wisdom of Gate 51

The Wisdom of Gate 51 lies in it’s resilience. It’s ability to thrive in hardship, to turn the harshest conditions into fertile soil, to carve a new path for others to follow no matter what life throws at them…all while cultivating radical self trust.

51 Gate of Shock shows us what the human spirit, mind and body is capable of.

I see this reflected in so many different fields; from athletes, scientists, conservationists, writers, speakers etc. For example, Wim Hoff along with his breathing techniques (according to online charts he has the full 25-51 Channel of Initiation) He’s initiated so many people into ice baths!


Lessons of Gate of Shock

One of the lessons of Gate 51 is to step into your autonomy, to take your own initiative as you cultivate trust in yourself and your capacity to overcome whatever crosses your path.

That doesn’t mean that everyone will necessarily agree with or align with your values, methods BUT this is about embracing your individuality and path. How can you lean into other parts of your design to support your process? How can your authority and strategy guide you on how to channel this energy?

If you ego is undefined or if you don’t have this gate active, we get to experience it through the transits + in connection to each other. In what ways are you building your capacity to show up, to persevere as you ground into your truth?


Share your Reflections

Do you have Gate 51 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.

Gate 51 Keynotes

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