8 Gate of Contribution

8 Gate of Contribution

May 16, 2023

The Gate of Contribution is the expression of the individual self carrying the voice of “I can make a contribution or not”. It is here to contribute by honouring their individuality, it’s the energy of courage and authenticity.

From G Center to Throat

Starting in the Identity G Center—the hub for self, love, direction, identity, purpose, give & receive. The 1 Gate of Self-Expression is the creative energy of the self and universe looking to be expressed.

Which reaches towards the Throat—the center for voice, expression, communication & action. Where 8 Gate of Contribution finds ways to express that uniqueness with others. Together they create the 1-8 Channel of Inspiration.

Gate 8 has a magnetic quality, it naturally attracts attention and direct others to what they find innovative, unique. It is constantly looking for inspiration to share with others. The metaphor of the artist and the agent is often used to describe the dynamic between Gate 1 and 8.

I see this energy expressed throughout social media; specially in the influencer category, where someone shares a specific product base on their values and lifestyle. The Gate of Contribution is basically the agent, looking for an artist to represent and market for.

Yet Gate 8 without the 1, might feel the pressure to be the creative themselves. Searching for leadership, creative qualities in others.


Projected Channel

Located in the Throat, this is a projected gate. Not everyone will find what you share valuable or necessarily interesting. Doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Being recognized + invited to share with the right people and places is how this energy moves and create a lasting impact that mutates.

A big theme for Gate 8 is learning when it’s time to contribute and when it isn’t. Lean into your Strategy and Authority for cues on then timing. You’re here to contribute by being a role model in living authentically. Let the magnetism of your authenticity pull in the opportunities on when and what to engage with.


Shadow Expressions

Even though the Gate of Contribution is here to be radically different and stand out from the crowd, it can feel a little bit lonely.

Being part of the Individual Knowing Circuit, it’s here to impact the collective through personal empowerment. It also goes through periods of melancholy, feeling no one is listening or that their contribution are unimportant.

In the Shadow expressions, it fears being rejected for being different so it suppresses it’s spirit and uniqueness. Remember, you are the breath of fresh air that many are waiting for. When you embrace your truth, you quietly pull others in to follow. The more you’re grounded in that truth and share, the more impact your voice becomes.

Lesson from Gate 8

A lesson from Gate 8 lies in timing. You may see countless ways you can contribute, guide but without the proper recognition your voice is likely to fall into deaf ears.

Specially if you have an undefined Throat center, your hanging 8 might not always have the energy to vocalize their contribution. You’re not here to “try” to attract attention. How can you trust that when the timing is right, your S&A will support you?

Or if you have an undefined Identity G center, the “thing” you’re excited to share might change after a while and that’s totally fine. You’re here to be fluid in your direction, self expression.


Wisdom of the Gate of Contribution

The Wisdom of the Gate of Contribution teaches us that there is nothing more impactful and rebellious than being ourselves.

This quiet and powerful energy has the potential to steer the collective into a whole new direction when you relax into your own beat. When you’re able to trust in the beauty of who you are and what you’re feeling pulled to do no matter what others say or do.

In fact, being YOU is your biggest superpower. What are some ways to soften & settle into yourself? What are the places that see you? What communities seek your contribution? Where can you openly share and be? What fascinations are you feeling pulled to explore?


Gate 8 Keynotes

Share your reflections

Do you have Gate 8 active? Or know someone who does? Would love to hear your reflections, simply hit reply to share.

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  1. Rilana Ripmeester says:

    Hi, just came on your page as I am researching on gate 8. I have this in my counsious sun (8.6) as i deeping my knowledge this seems to be a very important part of your chart. After reading it I can relate that in a fact i for most of the time dont feel heard and dont understand why people dont see what i see as for myself it is al obvious. That gets me frustrated. I really like the upside of this gate but still learning around my S&A. I am a 6/2 emotinal MG so its still a big think for me to just let this lead me as I want to go 100 miles per hour and just want to do something like a Manifester haha. Maybe you have some tips to get more in touch with the gate 8 🙂

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Rilana,

      Without knowing the rest of your design I’ll start with what you shared about your Gate 8. With it being in your 6th line, it will carry the phases of a 6th line profile.

      Learning in the first 30 years as a 3rd line (what are you contributing? how do you enjoy contributing? When is it safe to stand out vs not?)

      Then as you move towards the second phase, it’s a bit of a retreating energy. Here to process everything your gate 8 has learned in the first 30 years and embody the lessons to finally reaching the last phase and role modeling (what does it mean to be unique, to honour your individual direction, to guide by simply being yourself?)

      And with a 6/2 profile, the stage you’re at matters too. How can you honour whichever phase you’re at while also attuning to the guidance of your emotions? How can you let yourself “do” for the simple pleasure of doing it? The 8 simply wants to “be itself” as it navigates the melancholy of what it means to be human, to not know where we’re going and at the same time finding beauty in this aching complex and beautiful journey that is life. (Your 2nd line, the hermit, also need the space to simply be, without any “goal” other that curiosity to develop your natural skills)

      It’s a dance between feeling your emotional MG pulls and also allowing yourself to be seen and called out. All that to say, your gate 8 is also influenced by the rest of your design!