Beliefs and Human Design

Beliefs and Human Design

Jan 11, 2023

The beliefs and stories we have about ourselves are the lens through which we view the world and our relationship to self.

It shapes our experiences and perspective. There are some beliefs I’ve seen come up over and over again in the Human design space.

Noticing these stories can help us see if they still support us or not.

Because here’s the thing, a lot of the beliefs might’ve served us in the past. Perhaps it was a protective and coping mechanism. That doesn’t mean they can’t be updated or that they’re still needed now 😉

Permission to let go or rewrite the stories that no longer serve you.

Here some beliefs to observe and perhaps reframe

I wish I was a… *insert other type we admire*

We are all equipped with exactly what we need to live out our desires, mission, purpose, dharma or calling.

But your “how” might simply look different than the other types?

Your pacing, your lessons, your wins and your cycles will be different. And that’s ok! (That’s kind of the point)

Because at the end of the day, we get to experience all the energies.  Through the transits, art, nature & connection to each other.

It guides us on a collective level and even supports our inner process. It’s almost like an add-on feature we get to try out from time to time!

How can we admire others, without thinking less of ourselves? Without it taking away from our wholeness? How can we stop focusing on what we don’t have? And spend more time grounding into ourselves. Cultivating the innate skills that we DO have.

Like our gifts, our curiosity, our determination, our passions, our uniqueness, our expression.

  • What is possible when you start focusing on these aspects of yourself?
  • What do people appreciate about you?
  • What do you love about yourself? What are you most proud of?




I will be whole, once (& only when) I decondition

Another belief I’ve seen popped up—not just in human design but in the wellness industry—is the idea/expectation attached to being “whole” once & only after we decondition, after we heal.

And while there is some truth with healing, in that we can encounter less resistance and embrace more of who we are, there’s also an implication that how we are now, with our mistakes and flaws are not good enough…

Wholeness doesn’t come from whether you’re living your design perfectly or not. Because we’re always living our designs, even when we’re in the shadows, or operating in our conditioned aspects.

What if, wholeness is less about being perfect but more about acceptance? Accepting the parts of us that we might’ve pushed down, the parts that we may be ashamed of, or the idea that ‘how we are’ is not enough?

What if wholeness is simply removing judgement from what we perceived to be better or less + surrender to what is, instead of what isn’t? And orienting ourselves from this place of openness, acceptance and compassion?

Forgiving ourselves for not knowing then; while doing our best with what we know now 🌱

Because the goal isn’t to reach + strive to just stay in our signature themes. Every energy in our gates + channels exist on a spectrum. And these energies are not good or bad. They’re neutral. They’re here to guide us on perhaps where we’ve been compromising, where we need some extra attention or healing & to also show us what’s aligned to us, where to keep going.

Deconditioning takes as long as it takes. It’s not a straight 5-step path, it’s cyclical. There is no hack, no shortcut to embodiment. It takes as long as it takes to realign, recalibrate, digest + integrate

Doing this work in itself can be confronting, deeply uncomfortable at times. It’s not always enlightening, expansive and light. (And that’s ok)

It’s a dance of contractions, expansions & moments of stillness.

Which is why it’s helpful to know what we’re working with. Like how our energies move, what they need or how our inner guidance communicate with us.

  • How can we tune out the noise to make space to listen + follow that inner compass?
  • What have you been attaching to your deconditioning journey? What can you release?
  • Have you been pushing or feeling bad about not “healing” fast enough?
  • How can you infuse more gentleness in your journey? How can you soften into yourself?


These are just a few of course. But is there a belief about your design, your energies that might be keeping you small?

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