Channel Types in Human Design

Channel Types in Human Design

May 10, 2022


It’s been a while crocodile 🐊👋. Been quiet around here in the past few months, there simply wasn’t much energy that wanted to be expressed.

But after much recalibration and pause, my Channel of Surrender is ready to transmit again (who knows for how long…learning to embrace my seasons ya know? But that’s a whole topic for another day)

Today I wanted to share about channel types. Did you know our gates and channels are either manifested, generated or projected?

Even though this doesn’t change your type, aura or authority it adds an extra layer of nuance in our designs. Certain energies work best when invited in. Others need informing to remove resistance. While others are designed to purely respond in the moment.


Manifested Channels

The channels that connect the Throat directly to a motor are Manifested.

  • Ego to Throat (45-21)
  • Emotional SP to Throat (12-22, 35-36)

Strategy: To inform in order to remove resistance and attract what’s needed in order to initiate.

Since the Root is also a motor, there are certain exceptions, where an entire stream becomes manifested when it’s corresponding channels are fully defined.

Root to Throat Streams

  • Stream of Taste (58-18 + 48-16)
  • Stream of Intuition (38-28 + 57-20)
  • Stream of Feeling (41-30 + 36-35)
  • Stream of Emoting (39-55 + 12-22)


Generated Channels

All the gates and channels that connect to the Sacral are Generated.

  • Root: (42-53), (3-60), (9-52)
  • Spleen: (50-27), (34-57)
  • Emotional SP: (59-9)
  • Identity G: (5-15), (14-2), (29-46), 34-10)

Strategy: To respond. This is physical body response. There is no awareness except for the channels that connect to Spleen and Solar Plexus.

The (50-27) and (59-6) are part of the Community Defense circuit. It’s about protecting, nourishing, ensuring safety and reproduction of our species. While the 34-57 is about Self-empowerment in the now, a mutative energy to survive danger.


Manifested Generated Channels

The only channel that is Manifested and Generated is the 34-20, connecting the Sacral (a motor) directly to the Throat Center.

This is about instant sacral action. It’s what makes a pure Manifesting Generator. This energy expresses itself as an extreme busyness in the now. That could be physically doing something such as research, reading, building things etc.

Strategy: Response leading into instant action and initiation

The Channel of Charisma is more about getting into action vs. awareness. It’s about Self-empowerment and instant action which leads to clarity in the now.


Projected Channels

The majority of our channels in the bodygraph are Projected. Which means this energy is best received when invited in. When it’s recognized it has the capacity to guide and support others.

Strategy: To wait for the invitation in order to guide and support.

Think of the energy of unsolicited advice, while the advice in itself could be great it often isn’t received or even acknowledged if no one asked for it. And it doesn’t feel good on both the giving and receiving end.

These projected channels go through all the centers except for the Sacral. The pressure centers (Crown and Root), the 3 Awareness centers (Ajna, Solar Plexus and Spleen), the Identity G center and the Ego center.


Further exploration

How many channels do you have?

How many of them are…

  • Manifested
  • Generated
  • Manifested Generated
  • Projected

Are they defined consciously or unconsciously?

Have you noticed the subtleties of these energies? Do you notice any tension between your type, your authority and the channels type? How do they influence each other?

If you’re looking to learn more about the elements of your unique design book a foundational or advanced session with me.

I’m opening a couple of coaching spots soon, it’s all about the next phase of learning about your design where we integrate and decondition. More details coming in the next few weeks ☺️

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  1. SAF says:

    Thank you for this overview! I’m experimenting with the gates of my Incarnation Cross, and this will help me employ the appropriate strategy with each one. In the Generated Channels section, I noticed channel “6 – 30” listed next to the Root center and believe it should read channel 3 – 60).

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Stacie! Aaah thank you so much for pointing that out! Just updated it 🙂

  2. ALS says:

    Hi. I’m a Manifesting Generator, and I don’t have 34-20 in my chart. I do however have 3-60, 5-15, 10-57 in my chart.

  3. Marine says:


    A bit confused.. how can a channel can be both projected and manifested?


    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Marine,

      Totally get the confusion! A channel becomes “manifested” when a motor center connects directly to the Throat center. Let’s use the example of the Solar Plexus, which is a motor and also an awareness center.

      So for instance, the 41-30 channel of recognition by itself (without the 36-35) is projected. But if you also have the 36-35, then the 41-30 has a direct flow to the throat through the 35-36 to the Throat, hence becoming manifested.

      While the 36-35 by itself is manifested regardless of what else it’s connected to it.

      Hope this cleared the confusion somewhat!

  4. kaja says:

    Great information!
    Does this also include only the gates? I only have gate 21, can I treat it as a manifestor gate even if I’m a generator?

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Kaja,

      It wouldn’t be a manifested gate by itself. When you’re in connection with someone or with the transit you might bet a boost of this energy but you’re a Generator first and foremost, so respond first and then you could inform.

  5. Manuela Lucia says:

    Hi Jess 🙂

    Grateful for your resources you share here <3

    I'm super new to HD, does a channel only "count" when it is completely coloured in aka when it connects completely from one gate to another?
    What if only half of it is coloured in? would that still be considered a "channel"?

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Manuela, welcome!

      It is considered a channel when two gates connect, that is what “defines” a center and allows the energetic exchange between these centers.

      When only half is coloured, that would make it a hanging gate. It’s a pathway where your energy flows but unable to consistently exchange energy with the other side, called the bridging gate. Remember, we’re able to tap into the whole bodygraph through connection with the other or transits. Our charts show us what we have consistently!