Human Design Chart Analysis: How to know what to focus on in the now

Human Design Chart Analysis: How to know what to focus on in the now

Dec 21, 2022

Earlier this year I did a series of mini chart readings on my IG stories, it was a lot of fun! (Even though I haven’t been able to cover them all). But along with this blog I get the most fascinating questions so I thought it could be helpful to gather them in a Human Design Chart Analysis Q&A series and put them up as a resource.

Perhaps they could be some conversation starter for anyone who wants to weigh in and share their personal experience in the comments below. Perhaps they can offer you an additional layer in understanding your energies and how everything connects

Or maybe it can ground this knowledge into your day to day a bit more.

This chart is from a Manifesting Generator parent of two who’s seeking for some clarity on knowing what to focus on the now:

How to know what to focus on in the now. I’m excited about many things and have many plans and ideas all the time and have a hard time focusing on one thing at the time (I mean more minute by minute kind of thing). Hard to explain and the answer is probably to focus on the most exciting thing but in real life it’s hard when you have two kids and need to earn some money”

Manifesting Generators are known to move fast BUT that’s not the whole picture. There’s a misconception that it applies to all kinds of MG’s or that it looks like constant doing and busyness all the time.

Here’s an example of how the nuances of our unique designs come into play:

As a 1/3 a big part of your process is through research, your line 1 thrives when you allow yourself to get lost in what fascinates you. That’s how you build your foundation and become an authority to share with others.

And when the timing feels right, you’ll feel pulled to test those foundations, to experiment. The line 3 needs the space to explore with no expectations attach. It’s about gathering insights through what works and what doesn’t.

Hence breaking and strengthening those foundations. Both the 1/3 is in the lower hexagram, it’s a personal process where it needs time alone to be & do it’s thing.


Open Head

With a completely open head you might find that you get inspired all the time, so it’s important you make space to discern what is eliciting a response (sacral authority) vs. what your mind is telling you to solve/do. Let your strategy & authority guide you on what ideas you have the energy to respond to.


Undefined Root

With the undefined root you’ll also feel an immense pressure to do, get into action whenever you have an idea. Amplifying the stress and pressure to do from those around you. So it’s helpful to make space daily to discern if the energy is yours and if your sacral is giving you a “yes”.

How can you practice releasing those energies? How can you acknowledge the pressure without getting into action? How can you ground your body while feeling the pressure?


Open Solar Plexus

And with your completely open solar plexus, you’re taking in and amplifying everyone’s emotions. It can be a lot to hold specially when you’re not designed to hold all that emotional charge all the time.

Practices that allow you to ground yourself, tune into your body sensations can be helpful in recognizing those emotions. Space alone to filter out these energies every day whenever possible (totally recognize how hard it could be specially with two kiddos!) Simple practices can go a long way!


Personality Sun, Gate 7, gate of the role of self

And one more thing, with gate 7 (the gate of the role of self) in your Personality Sun, you’ll feel the pull to lead yet this energy needs to be invited to do so.

This is an energy oriented towards the future. It is about the capacity of the self to guide with authority when elected to do so.

How can you cultivate trust that as you’re building your foundations that when the time is right you’ll be called to lead and share your wisdom?


Do you have any of these energies?

Profile, type, strategy, gate, channels etc

Any suggestions you would like to add or thoughts to share? Comment below!


Disclaimer & Reminder

Human Design is a tool that can show you the potential of how your energy wants to be expressed, moved and how it interacts with others.

It can also point out some potential points/areas of tension or conflict. There’s no “good” or “bad”. There’s no better design. It’s simply an energetic map of how your energy moves best.

We experience all of the energies in our chart.

Looking at our charts help us ground into what’s consistent within us, what we’re projecting and receiving from others.

Awareness is power! It helps us build a better understanding of ourselves and others.

And remember, you can be whoever you want to be. Human Design simply gives you a little insight on how your energies can support you and provide direction for what tools can help you get there.

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