Emotional Solar Plexus Center

Emotional Solar Plexus Center

Mar 10, 2022


The Emotional Solar Plexus is a motor and emotional awareness center.

This center is about making sense of our experiences to learn, grow and cultivate wisdom through emotional depth.

Emotions lead us to greater awareness and connection to ourselves and each other.



Remember: You are not your emotions. They offer you insights but are not facts. The awareness in the present moment and total self-acceptance are your gateway into exploring emotion.



Approximately 53% of the population have a defined Solar Plexus, making it their inner authority. Influencing the rest of the world with this powerful motor and awareness center.

While an estimate of 47% of the population are undefined or completely open. Taking in and amplifying the emotional waves and awareness of those with this center defined.


Defined Emotional Solar Plexus Center

As your authority you have a consistent emotional energy. Clarity is when you don’t have a strong emotional charge. You’re never not feeling any emotion.

The emotional wave can be experienced in 3 ways, depending on the gates and channels you have activated:

  • Community (Tribal) Wave: Need (Gates 37, 49, 6)
  • Individual Wave: Passion (Gates 22, 55)
  • Collective Wave: Desire (Gates 30, 36)

Learn more about the Emotional Solar Plexus authority here


The Undefined Emotional Solar Plexus Center

An undefined Solar Plexus means that you are taking in the emotions of others and amplifying them.

Which opens up an incredible potential for wisdom.

You are responsible for your emotional health. People might want to dump on you so tune into your emotional temperature, and you get to choose what is best for you. Setting boundaries for when to hold space and when to release the emotional charge is crucial.


The Not Self of this center is: Avoiding confrontation and truth

If you have an undefined or open Emotional Solar Plexus center, you might feel uncomfortable in any type of confrontations, since you have the capacity to amplify everyone’s emotions around you (so much they might even feel like yours).

Confrontations are part of the human experience. It’s such a crucial element in relationships and communities. It allows us to reach resolutions and healing at times. With that being said, it doesn’t mean all confrontations are necessary for you to participate, lean into your inner guidance, your authority and make sure you have tools to self regulate and ground later.



Gates in the Sacral Center

Whether you’re defined or undefined notice what gates you have activated in the Solar Plexus.

That’s the area where energy will be flowing and processing most often.

There are also fears associated with each gate. Noticing and naming your feeling and fears can help you hold space for them.

We all feel the spectrum of emotions. That’s a big part of being human. Remember, energy is here to be moved, otherwise we hold on to it in our bodies. Who can you talk to to move your emotional energy? What kind of support and tools do you have?


One more thing

Remember, the centers are a fraction of your design. You are a unique combination of so many other moving parts. Your type, definition, profile, channels, gate, conditioning etc. All this information is pretty high level but a good starting point to get you familiarize with the HD system.

Knowing what energies we broadcast and amplify gives us a better sense of awareness. It helps us build a better understanding of ourselves and others.

You can be whoever you want to be. Human Design simply gives you a little insight on how your energies can support you and provide direction for what tools can help you get there.


Looking to dive deeper?

If you want to find out more about your design, book a session with me to explore your energetics or order a personalized guide


🌊 Do you have a defined, undefined or open Emotional Solar Plexus center?

I have an undefined Solar Plexus and it took me many years to fully embrace the beauty of this undefined center. Growing up I was told that I was too sensitive or that I felt too much; no one around me had the tools to help me process my emotions so as a coping mechanism, I bottled everything up. It wasn’t sustainable and it lead me to completely desensitizing and disconnecting from myself. It was quite a journey to rekindle my relationship with my Solar Plexus, I could probably make a whole post about it. Perhaps for another day 😉

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  1. mandu says:

    very personal, thanks for the share; insightful.

  2. Asmaa says:

    I also have an undefined Solar Plexus with no gate open, I used to think I sense too much , I am still too much for some people but that is okay, Thanks for sharing those articles and taking the time to share visual to explain, It helped me learn more about my self 🤍 The visual made it so easy to read 🙏🏻🤍

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Hi Asmaa, so glad to hear the visuals have been helpful! Having something to focus on helps me ground all this information 😊