Gate 41, gate of Contraction and affirmations for 2023

Gate 41, gate of Contraction and affirmations for 2023

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The energetic new year is coming up in a few days. In 2023, it starting with the new moon on January 21st along with the Sun moving to gate 41, the gate of Contraction on the 23rd.

Gate 41, the Gate of Contraction is located in our root center pointing towards the Solar Plexus, there’s an incessant pressure to experience new feelings. It is often described as the gate of fantasy; daydreaming about new experiences and potential scenarios. There’s an impulse to do, hunger to feel something new.

But without gate 30, the Gate of Feelings located in the Solar Plexus—the emotional awareness center—you might not know which experiences to channel this energy into. This pressure can feel like restlessness, knowing you’re in need of a change but not knowing what kind of change to focus on. But fret not, it’s not a bad thing!

Wisdom of Gate 41

The wisdom of Gate 41 can be channeled through many expressions such as art, poetry, visualization—very similar to the energy of starting fresh on a new year: new dreams, new goals and adventures.

Learning about the nature of this energy can help us hold it better and along with your strategy and authority you’ll be able to discern when/what experiences are meant for you to explore.

Lesson of the Gate of Contraction


One of the biggest lesson of the 41 (and gate 30) is that it’s not about fulfilling those fantasies but about the emotional depth, the lessons, the journey of the experience itself. It’s about releasing expectations attached to your dreams. Because it’s less about making your dreams come true but more about allowing your dreams to inspire you into new heights and ignite something in others. This is a collective energy after all 😉

So let yourself be inspired, to dream, what new experiences are you feeling pulled to explore? In fact, how can you make space for new experiences and play this year?

Here are some affirmations for 2023


If you have a 1 in your profile (1/3, 1/4, 4/1, 5/1)

I allow myself to get lost in wonder, to dive into what fascinates me.

You remind us:

That it’s ok to take our time, to nurture our curiosities & passions

You teach us:

How to expand our comfort zone


If you have a 2 in your profile (2/4, 2/5, 5/2, 6/2)

I make space to be, to do my own thing with no end goal.

You remind us:

That we all have unique gifts & skills that we’re naturally good at

You teach us:

The importance of nurturing ourselves. Let yourself be seen & recognize for what comes easy to you


If you have a 3 in your profile (3/5, 3/6, 1/3, 6/3)

I give myself permission to play. To have fun, to explore & experiment for the sake of.

You remind us:

To focus on the beauty of the journey no matter the destination

You teach us:

How to be courageous as we grow & learn, how to get up after each fall

If you have a 4 in your profile (1/4, 2/4, 4/1, 4/6)

I make time to unwind with my favourite people. I let myself be nourished & supported.

You remind us:

that we’re surrounded by an abundance of opportunities & how to recognize them

You teach us:

how interconnected we are. How healing & expansive aligned connections can be

If you have a 5 in your profile (2/5, 3/5, 5/1, 5/2)

My unique perspective is not for everyone, I trust my ability to innovate while I stay grounded in my inner truth.

You remind us:

the importance of challenging the status quo, you help us see new perspectives

You teach us:

How expansive it is to set healthy boundaries & how to manage expectations.


If you have a 6 in your profile (3/6, 4/6, 6/2, 6/3)

I give myself permission to embody what feels most authentic to me right now, to honour where I’m at.

You remind us:

To honour & nurture ourselves no matter what phase we’re in, to look beyond the surface

You teach us:

How to lead, the importance of taking a step back & embodying our truths

Jan 18, 2023

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