Learning Human Design is not hard

Learning Human Design is not hard

Dec 1, 2022

Learning Human Design is NOT hard.

It can be quite overwhelming & complicated at first but that’s actually the easy peasy part. Human Design is becoming more accessible. Books, a quick google search ➡️ many rabbit holes later we’re able to unpack pieces of our charts.

The tricky part is perhaps seeing how everything works together + adapting + orienting this information to ourselves, our lives, our relationships and environments.

To create space to discern what we take in, to filter it through our truth. To bridge what we learn into something we can fully embody and surrender into.

But often, we get stuck in our heads about what’s right or wrong and start boxing ourselves in knowledge that’s suppose to support us (not restrict us).

And our wonderful minds can get caught in a role of constant self-critique and judgement. Stories like we’re not enough until we’re able to fully live our designs or that other designs are “better” than ours can become narratives we subscribe to.

Which is why I created Coming Homea safe intimate container to support your deconditioning process while you connect with a small group of like-minded people on a similar journey.

Yes, we’ll learn all things human design but also orient that information to your specific chart and ground into your body. There will be information sessions as well as integration sessions. Where we hold space to notice what comes up, to ground and connect to our bodies. Because while there’s a lot of mental energy that goes into processing all of this information, we often forget to bring our bodies along for the ride!

I’m looking for 6 people to join me on this adventure.

If you’re new around here and wondering if you want to be guided by me.

Here’s a little more who I am and believe in

I’m a 4/6 Splenic Projector with the Channel of Surrender (44-26). I have 7 undefined centres and 2 defined.

If you’re looking for tough love, I’m not the right person for you. 

I truly believe we’re all doing our best. I guide from a place of ease, compassion and humour. There are no ultimatums. That doesn’t mean I’ll sugarcoat. I will gently nudge you to your inner truth and stories. I hold space for you to unpack, process your tensions so you can recognize and work with/through them. (Right angle cross of tension after all 😉)

I’m not here to give you all the answers. No one can do that. 

No one can do that. (And if anyone promises they can…I’ll keep an eye out). But I can guide you to yours and help you hold your questions. To ground you into the present and soften into yourself. I’m here to help you cultivate unwavering trust and expand your capacity to hold and process your energies, as you build, tear apart and strengthen your foundations through sustainable practices + tools to nourish as you heal, expand, contract.



I’m not here to offer any hack, no 5 step formula or secret sauce to success. 

You ARE the secret sauce.

Let’s redefine your version of success. How does satisfaction feel for you? How does peace look like in your days? How do you unpack anger and frustration How do you manage disappointment? All you have to do is show up and take care of yourself

Prices will likely go up on the next round. So if you’re feeling a yes, a pull or have been resonating with my content I’ll love to guide you.

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