Lessons from my Human Design Chart

Lessons from my Human Design Chart

Jan 13, 2022

A personal chart analysis from 4/6 splenic projector. I’ve been meaning to synthesize and share my experience with my personal Human Design Chart for the longest time.

This turned into a mini-essay and will probably break this into parts so you can take it in and absorb in bite size pieces ;). We’ll start by covering the centers of our bodygraph.

First of all, here’s my chart below:

At first glance:

Let’s name what we see at first glance and later below I’ll share how these elements/areas show up for me. It’s pretty high level of course, because there are so many layers and nuances I’ll try to keep this simple for now.

You may relate to some energies and experiences but know that your design plus conditioning (your life experiences) is unique to you no matter how many similarities we might have 😉 so discern, discern!

Single Definition & Authority

  • As a single definition all my defined centers connect directly to each other. That means my process is often quick and self-absorb. I make decisions pretty quick and don’t like to overthink…you’ll also find out why later (Check ‘Definitions’ post or go to my ‘Guides’>’Human Design’)


  • Plus with a Splenic authority, that inner knowing also comes pretty quick and subtle at times. It’s almost like this warm energy, an inner knowing, a pull when something *feels right* (Check for ‘Authorities’ post)


  • A struggle for me has been times where I’ve had to explain my inner knowing whenever I made decisions. Specially growing up, having to break it down through logic on why I thought “X thing” was right for me vs. what others were doing. And since I couldn’t explain it, I would override that inner knowing at times. A big lesson/practice, spending time connecting and cultivating trust myself no matter the outcome. The more I do it, the easier it is for me to hear Splenic authority.


Spleen & Heart Centers Defined

  • Spleen and Ego Heart Center. These are the areas I have consistent energy, how I show up and how I influence others
  • I bring my depth (gate 48) in how I show up and everything I do, it’s best received when invited in. Also it’s not something I force, it’s simply how I am (and it’s not for everything!)
  • I have consistent will, heart energy. The center for desires, will, ego and material resources. If I set my heart on something I’ll likely follow through (so it’s important things are aligned otherwise burnout! or or pushing myself further than my body can handle)
  • My Spleen is also defined. That’s the center for intuition, survival, fear, instinct and immune system. As my authority, my Spleen is what’s constantly guiding me. Telling me what’s safe for me, what to avoid. What it’s feeling pulled towards. And since it’s also connected to my Heart energy it also guides me towards my desires.


Undefined Emotional Solar Plexus

  • Sensitivity to other’s emotions and needs. With an undefined Emotional Solar Plexus I amplify people’s emotional ‘charge’.
  • Growing up I was constantly overwhelmed by emotions that weren’t mine, I was told I felt way too much for my own good.
  • So I naturally pushed my emotions down since I didn’t have other tools to cope. Now that I’m older and thanks to therapy I’m able to hold space for these emotions, to listen and also learn when to release them.


If this center is undefined/open for you, are you aware of when you take on other’s emotional energy? Are you able to differentiate what’s yours and what’s not? Do you have practices to release and process those energies?


Open Crown and Ajna Centers

  • Amplified pressure to think, to make sense of, constantly inspired by ideas etc. Remember when I said I didn’t like to overthink things? Well with a completely Open Crown/Head and Ajna/Mind I can spiral very easily and make my head hurt.
  • I don’t have consistent mental energy and used to drive myself nuts trying to process things that weren’t meant to be processed by me.
  • For instance learning about Human Design has been a whole journey. A mix of fun, overwhelm, confusion, anxiety, awe, expansion and so much more. Giving myself permission to step away when it felt too much and that it’s ok that my process looks a little different than others has been so validating!


If this center is undefined/open for you, do you relate with feeling inspired all the time? Do you feel the pressure to jump into action or solve the problems you see?


Undefined Root & Sacral Centers

  • Feeling pressure from the Root center to get into action, to make things happen to get rid of that pressure. Sometimes it feels like an adrenaline high where I need to get into motion to relief that pressure…
  • Inconsistent Sacral energy, which means I’ll get a burst here and there but if I’m not aware I can easily burnout. I amplified the hell out of this energy back in my Advertising days with the combination of an undefined Root, the pressure to do and get into action plus my defined heart energy to prove that became my personal recipe to burnout and illness.
  • Releasing the idea that I’ll get unlimited energy if I eat a certain way or get ‘x’ amount of sleep has been liberating. I’m not ‘unhealthy’ or human-ing wrong lol. I just don’t have consistent sacral energy (in my case, I was making it a problem when it wasn’t!) In some other cases it might actually be a health imbalance though. At the end of the day, trust/listen to your body


If these centers are undefined/open for you, do you relate to feeling like your energy comes in bursts? Do you feel the pressure to get things done right away or you have your own pulse?


Undefined G Center

  • With an undefined G Identity Center I’m highly adaptable, can change my communication, style, way of expressing depending on where I’m at and what feels natural at the moment (which if I may, makes me a heck of a designer, it’s a gift to be in my clients energies and being able to translate their brand through graphics)
  • My environment really makes all the difference. When I was in places, situations that were not aligned to me I was constantly sick and felt cut off from my intuition and at times inspiration.
  • Everything felt more dull. Once I made the intention of being aware of the places I’m at, the people I surround myself with I realize how strong my immune system actually is and also how much I need people (Line 4 healing here!) I mean this could apply to anyone really but with an undefined G center we amplify everything that’s around us!


If this center is undefined/open for you, do you relate to amplifying your environment? On a scale from 1-10, how do you currently feel in your space? Is it supporting you? Do you feel safe, seen, free to move at your own pace?


Undefined Throat Center

  • I’ve often felt not eloquent in the way I present myself, it was hard to plan what to say because I end up diverting and losing my train of thought. Specially when it came down to sharing about complex concepts. Now I understand, it’s because I don’t have any direct gate from mind to throat. Once in while I might get a taste of those energies through the transit or someone with those definitions and I might be able to tap into that energy but it doesn’t happen often!


  • The only gates I have in my throat point towards the Emotional SP and Identity G Center. When I share through my past experiences, my emotions (after having time to reflect on them) I’m able to speak eloquently then. When I don’t plan what to say I’m able to tap into my depth (defined splenic energy working in the now)
  • I’ve done a lot of healing around my throat, my expression center. From working through my fear of being seen and taking up space to allowing myself to express freely and authentically. Fun fact, when I was ‘suppressing’ my voice I used to get sore throats all the time. That was because I was too afraid to speak up and move away from an environment that was no longer serving me. As I’ve healed, I no longer experience those imbalances.


If this center is undefined/open for you, how do you feel about your expression? How do you communicate with others? Are you comfortable with taking up space? Do you feel at ease being seen and expressing yourself? Take a note at where your throat gates point towards (which centers) to tap into what you’re meant to express.


Some final thoughts


  • So this turned into a mini essay…I wasn’t able to cover all the lessons because frankly there are a loooot of layers. Also what does it mean to be a projector, my strategy, my profile etc. This will be in another post!
  • Also the nuances of each center like how a defined center can influence an open center and vice versa. How your authority is defined, how your profile naturally moves your energy etc.
  • Our designs, our energies are alive. Our bodygraph shows the potential of how these energies could be express, the impact it could have on others and ourselves.
  • This is such a beautiful and expansive tool that can help us come home to ourselves. To really break down what does it mean to be more ourselves and less of everything else that’s not ‘us’ and not serving us


Want to deepen your understanding of your chart? Book a Human Design Session here

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