Strategy and Authority in Human Design

Strategy and Authority in Human Design

May 25, 2023

Our Strategy and Authority simply tells us what we do or don’t have energy for.

That’s it.

It can’t tell us if an idea is a great idea. Or guarantee that it’ll work out.

But it can give us insight into which idea, opportunities, urges, responses we have the most energy to explore and pursue. And when energy is aligned, we encounter more flow and less resistance.

Can we make decisions that are different than what our S&A suggests? Hell yes. That’s how so many of us learn. We can do whatever we want. But how we feel along the way might not always be the most supportive.

We might get more tired and meet some extra resistance simply because our energetics weren’t aligned, not ready for this experience. Will you still learn and possibly get something out of it? Likely!

I often use the metaphor of a slots machine when explaining the feeling of our energies aligning. We move through different energies throughout the day; filtering, sampling, projecting while our authority is assessing and processing along with the rest of our definition.

When it’s time to make a decision, all the energies align to say go time, wait or nay.

Our signature themes are guideposts that shows us when we’ve used/moved our energies in a more aligned way. When we’ve honoured our body and mind’s timing. As opposed to operating from a purely mental space.

Giving your body, intuition inner guidance a chance to lead & to catch up.

It also allows the mind to sit back, loosen its grip on control and enjoy the ride. As opposed to the illusion that it NEEDS to lead because no one else can do it safely.


Conservation of Energy

One of the principles of natural movement that Strala Yoga teaches is the notion of “use what you need, rest what you don’t

This, along with the guidance of Strategy and Authority has helped me preserve my energy, to finally stop overextending myself, since the amplification of my 7 undefined can be incredibly loud at times.

But with these notions in mind, I’m able to sit back and hold until I do have the energy to engage or release when I don’t.


Are you ready to get out of your own way?

To making choices that are more supportive & embodied to you?

If you’re ready, I’ll love to have you in Coming Home, A four month intimate container diving into our personal charts, learning about the gates, channels and centers. So you can sensitize to your energetic cues, inner guidance and also:

  • Read and understand the intricacies of your chart
  • Learn how to use your energy more efficiently
  • Make energetically aligned choices
  • Expand your capacity to process while cultivating trust in yourself
  • Reframe old stories and limiting beliefs
  • Move through stuck energy
  • Understand how you relate to the other


Here’s a little preview of what we’ll cover.

More information here.


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