The 9 Centers in Human Design -

The 9 Centers in Human Design

The 9 Centers in Human Design

Today I wanted to talk about how your ‘type’ is determined in Human Design.

Your type is determined by the combination of your defined and/or undefined centers. Each center represents a specific energy hub. There are currently 9 centers, more about the theme of each one below.

A defined centre is what we call the coloured/filled in parts in your chart. It’s where you have consistent access to that energy. It’s an energy you naturally project out and have the ability to influence others.

An undefined or open center has no colour filled in, because of that you have the ability to take in and amplify the energy from those with defined centers (or transits, think planet placements). You get to sample different expressions of this energy! Which also means it’s an inconsistent energy.

Conditioning in the centers: Open and undefined centers are susceptible to conditioning since it’s an area where you take in and amplify everything from everyone.

Energy is power and sometimes when we don’t discern properly we can succumb under the pressure to act when that energy wasn’t ours to begin with (hence getting out of alignment).

That being said, even defined centers can be conditioned. And by conditioning, it simply means being influenced by those with consistent energy. Which is also not a bad thing! As long as you’re acting on what’s aligned to YOU. That’s why Human Design emphasizes the importance of following your strategy and authority.


The 9 Centers

As mentioned above, each center represents an energy hub.

Someone who has a center defined vs someone who has the same center undefined means they will experience that energy differently. And add to the equation the rest of your design elements such as type, definition, profile, cross angle, channels etc it becomes a whole other combo! And even if you have a very similar ‘combo’ than someone else, the way you express it and the conditioning you’ve been through will be entirely different.


Each of the center also has a specific mechanic/role. Read more about center mechanics here.


Head/Crown center💡

  • Pressure, big ideas, inspiration: Why, how, what questions


Mind/Ajna center 🧠

  • Processing. From ideas to concepts, details


Throat center 🗣

  • Expression, communication & action


G Identity center 💟

  • Direction, love, self, purpose, give & receive


Ego Heart center 💖

  • Willpower, ego, drive, determination, worthiness


Emotional Solar Plexus center 🌊

  • Emotions, feelings, sensitivity


Sacral center⚡️

  • Vital life force, reproduction, sustainability, sexuality



  • Instinct, intuition, fear, immune system


Root center⬆️

  • Life fuel, momentum adrenaline, stress, pressure


I only have the heart and spleen centers defined. Which means I take in and amplify energy from all the other undefined centers. It’s not a bad thing! We’re all influenced by each other’s energy all the time.

But as mentioned in my previous post, discerning which energy is mine plus which ones I should respond and act on has been pivotal. Am I doing something because it feels right for me or because I’m influenced by someone’s else energy/conditioning? That’s when your strategy and authority can help you discern and align.

Which centres do you have defined? Which do you have undefined? There are cases where all could be defined and all undefined as well.

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  1. Sofie Van Loo says:

    All defined. I’ve been feeling different all my life. I try to fit in but it just doesn’t work for me

    • Jessica Lock says:

      Wow, having all centers defined means you’re likely to be influencing those around you always. That doesn’t mean you’re not flexible or don’t learn from others but with other elements in your design you’re likely to be the one dictating, setting the tone with your energies. Are you single or split definition? How has it felt to learn about your human design?

  2. Jolien says:

    My G-center, Ego-center, Sacral and spleen are defined, single definition. But I have a lot of conditioning I feel, not only in my undefined centers. I have a lot of difficulties with using my generator strategy at the moment as i can’t yet really distinguish which energy is from me and which is from someone else.

    • Jes says:

      I hear you Jolien! I have a defined heart and there’s been so much conditioning that it’s taken me quite a while to recognize what’s really mine. Specially when the undefined centers like the mind and solar plexus can get pretty loud.

      The Sacral center is all about pleasure as well! Physical, spiritual…Perhaps simply creating moments that allows you to drop into your body and do what feels good can help you sensitize to how your sacral energy feels to you <3