The Not-Self in Human Design

The Not-Self in Human Design

Nov 27, 2022

We can’t reject ourselves into wholeness.
We can’t shame ourselves into alignment.

So this might be a tad controversial…but the not-self is still very much YOU. In human design the shadow expressions of our energies are often referred to not-self. But there’s something about this language, that for me, personally, never felt right.

Now, this might be my hope motivation talking or my 15, gate of extremes….But I believe we’re all doing our best. And we’re all motivated in different ways. For some the language of the not-self might inspire them, for others this might feel too much.

And the thing is, things are not black and white. Use your discernment along with your strategy and authority to filter through everything you take in and consume. Ground into yourself as you learn and stay curious.

Because even when we’re in those expressions, we’re still ‘us’. Even when we’re acting from a conditioned place (and not all conditioning is bad!) Perhaps the “not self” aspects shouldn’t be areas we reject.

But instead areas we can look at from a place of curiosity. In need of some extra tender love and care, parts of ourselves that are requiring some compassion, attention and understanding. Instead of parts that we seek to amputate/get rid of.

Knowing how we are, how our energies are being expressed can be helpful but not from a place of shame. There’s so much pressure to “get it right” but again, this is not the only purpose in life.

Yes, healing is important. It’s a personal responsibility.

But that’s not all there is. Healing can be expansive, freeing but it can also be deeply confronting and destabilizing at times.

And that’s not an ideal place to be at all time. We need space to allow our nervous system to settle in as we recalibrate.

Just like our mindset, our limiting beliefs don’t get rewired simply by acknowledging them. It takes time and for it to be sustainable a lot of gentleness and compassion helps along the way.

Because we can’t reject ourselves into wholeness
Just like we can’t shame ourselves into alignment.

If you’ve been resonating with this content and feel an inkling to explore more with me as your guide to unravel the layers of your Human Design and familiarize with your energies while learning to hold the spectrum of expressions, Coming Home might just be the container for you.

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