When we feel the absence of the energies we lack

When we feel the absence of the energies we lack

Nov 22, 2022


One of the things we talked about during last week’s Decode your Energetics workshop is that we might feel the absence of the energies we lack more than our actual definition.

And let me make one thing very clear, that does not mean anything’s wrong with you. It just simply means you’re not here to express and process said energy consistently or by yourself.

You might be someone with the 58-18 Channel of Judgment who can see the vitality of life and all the things that needs to be corrected.

But without the rest of the Stream 48-16 Channel of the Wavelength, you won’t always have the awareness of what the solutions are or how to express them. It’s also a projected energy so being recognized and invited is key



Or you could be someone who has the 48-16 only. The Channel of the Wavelength, the energy to master, to perfect your natural skills through repetition. It’s also known as the channel of talent.

It’s an intuitive awareness of what you’re here to master, to perfect through depth (48) and repetition (16). It’s an energy that is here to experiment over and over again. But without the 58-18, you won’t always have the energy to get into action, to practice and master the solutions you’re aware of.



To expand a further more. These two channels make up the Stream of Taste, which is part of the Collective Understanding Circuit. The theme if this circuit is to share with the collective.

This is a future oriented energy, it’s purpose is to judge, observe patterns, ask questions in order to improve/fix.

Starting from the Root center, this center provides the pressure and the fuel of Vitality through Gate 58, expressed through pressure to correct and perfect.

Connecting to Gate 18 through the awareness of the Spleen, it then sorts through potentials of what can be corrected in the moment.

But without the 48-16, which provides the energy for the possibilities (48) and expression (16) of what/when/how the correction can happen and the skills to perfect in order to correct them…

You’ll be left with all the pressure of seeing everything that is wrong and even the awareness of what might can be fix but not the one executing or being able to properly to express what you see.

Once in a while you might have that specific clarity. Maybe certain people you come into connection with has that channel and together you’re able to come up with solutions.

Or you might be someone who has Gate 38, the Gate of the Fighter and you often feel the pressure, the fuel to fight for a cause. But as one of our participants shared, without the 28, the Gate of the Game Player, you might feel like a rebel without a cause. Since the 28 gives you the awareness on what is worth fighting for. And often times we end up fighting everyone and even ourselves!



Simply being aware of this fighting energy allows us to build practices to process and let this energy out in a healthy manner.

In the meantime, focus on what you DO have. How can you sensitize to how your authority feels in your body?

What are other centers that might be louder than your authority?


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