Are you hiding behind perfectionism?

Are you hiding behind perfectionism?

Apr 27, 2021

Are you hiding behind perfectionism?

I certainly was 🙈

I held myself back for the longest time because things weren’t perfect

But behind each excuse there were in fact many stories and fears holding me back. Here were a few:

“There’s no space in the apartment for yoga videos, I’ll do it when I can rent a space” ➡️  fear of taking up space

“I live in the middle of the city, it’s too noisy to record videos” ➡️  fear of being seen, using my voice

“Who am I to share my ‘expertise’. I’m still recovering from burnout and I don’t have perfect health” ➡️  imposter syndrome, fear of not being good enough

Of course there are many layers to each but these are just a few examples of how I subconsciously let my fears take the front seat. Thinking I wasn’t good enough to be successful yet…

I was getting in my own way 🥺

Until I faced my resistance face to face and learned that the stories I was telling myself were simply that, stories.

They weren’t true.

And the other side of resistance was everything I truly wanted. I just had to be willing to see what was no longer serving me and let it go.

Is perfectionism stopping you from following your dreams?

Here are 3 ways to navigate through this when you catch yourself hiding behind perfectionism

The first step is awareness 🤯. Seriously, because when you know better, you can do better.

Doesn’t mean things will automatically change from one day to another but you being aware is already setting a different intention.

With awareness comes great responsibility 😉

An example, when I recognize that a core fear is lurking underneath my perfectionism, I honour it and thank it for protecting me. I don’t judge myself anymore. Fears are part of the human experience, they’re like guideposts. Our survival depends on them. But the problem is letting our fears take the driver seat of our lives. So when you notice your fears trying to drive, how can you make space to thank it and soothe it? Maybe journalling or talking to a friend helps.

The second one is asking yourself at what cost 🥺 What is it costing you to stay where you’re at? Because so often we focus on our fears that we don’t even realize what we’re giving up to stay where we’re at. What is the price you’re paying? We think it’s a safer place, but it might cost you your health. Your happiness? Your potential unfulfilled? Regret? The experiences you could’ve had? The friends you could’ve made?

Finally, be gentle with yourself 🧘🏻‍♀️

Coming from a former people pleaser that was compassionate to everyone but myself. Change, growth, healing, expansion…whatever you want to call it takes time.

You don’t go from being the way you are to fully evolving and embodying what you want to become just because your mind gets it. You need space to digest, more lessons and perhaps experiences to practice what you’ve learnt as you recalibrate. So you can fully embody these attributes effortlessly.

How does that sound? Let me know when you try these out!

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