What if the key to alignment lies in your blocks and resistance?

What if the key to alignment lies in your blocks and resistance?

Jun 1, 2021


My friend, what if the key to alignment lies within your very blocks and resistance?

The areas where our wounds need tending to make space for healing and growth


The last place we want to go but the one with the most insights?


It doesn’t have to be scary. It doesn’t have to be hard. It’s simply a door to a deeper understanding of yourself a little bit more

There are many doors, many gateways to align and this is simply one of them.

When I dropped into my own resistance and listened, I was able to come home to myself. To embrace the shadow parts of me that I’ve subconsciously neglected out of fear of not belonging, of not being enough, of being too much…


In the shadows I found my wholeness


You see, resistance can trigger a lot of core fears and stories we’ve attached ourselves to. But the thing is it also gives us so much data about ourselves, our subconscious stories and our mindset, First name / my friend. If we learn to lean in to them and be aware of what they’re trying to tell us, then they can guide you into alignment as well


There are many types of resistance but I want to break them down as these 2 common ones:


1️⃣When it’s an indication that the goal you chose is not aligned to you (maybe the goal wasn’t yours to begin with, maybe it’s what people say you should have or want. Like buying a house by XX age, having kids and a retirement plan etc)


2️⃣When it’s triggered by our core fears. And to give a bit more of context I’ll just use the example of me wanting to guide, help people find their zone of genius and what they love but I had so many blocks and fears that were preventing me from moving forward. Imposter syndrome, feelings of inadequacy, of saying the wrong thing and one of the biggest ones was the fear of taking up space. And I’ve had to do a lot of inner work to unravel and understand how that fear started. And by understanding that I was able to move forward and free myself from these limiting stories that are no longer serving me.


It’s harder to move forward when you don’t know what’s holding you back

So, my friend what are you resisting? How can you make space to listen and work with that inner resistance?

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