Should you join Melyssa Griffin’s Aligned Abundance Mastermind?

Should you join Melyssa Griffin’s Aligned Abundance Mastermind?

Feb 14, 2021

Hello dear reader! If you’re here, that means you’re thinking about joining Melyssa Griffin’s Aligned Abundance Mastermind and might be on the fence. Let me share a little bit about my personal experience with you.

2020 was an unexpected year as many can attest. I had been an entrepreneur for 3 years and in the middle of a pivot. I was feeling at lost and yearning for connection. So I decided to take the leap and I applied to be a part of Melyssa Griffin’s Aligned Abundance Mastermind. I’ve been hearing about masterminds (and designing for a few in the past couple of years) and quite frankly I didn’t feel pulled towards any. I’ve attended a couple of conferences and never truly felt connected to the entrepreneur world. It felt loud, competitive, everyone’s pitching and talking about making 6 figures months.

I felt intimidated and out of place.

Perhaps I wasn’t ready back then. You know the saying, the teacher appears when the student is ready? Perhaps I had a lot more mindset blocks then I was aware of.

But then it was time. I had been trying to do everything and felt exhausted. I finally admitted to myself that I needed help. So I surrendered and asked the universe for a sign. And the universe answered my call, through Melyssa.

Seriously her emails started speaking directly to me and I knew I had to answer the call to align. Did I have my fears? Of course, 100%!

But a part of me was also ready to be guided. I was over the DIY stage and ready to welcome more ease.

Curious about the mastermind? Learn more about it here

The 5 reasons for why I joined the Aligned Abundance Mastermind:

  1. Community and business support: Being an online business owner can be quite lonely. Specially if no one else in your inner circle is an entrepreneur. I wanted to connect with like-minded people. My plan for 2020 was to sign up for a co-working space and then the pandemic hit.
  2. Clarity in my pivot: After being in advertising and design for the longest time, I didn’t know what to focus on. Needed clarity and guidance between photography, guiding yoga and coaching. I felt was being pulled in every direction trying to do everything! I was exhausted and wasn’t making much progress. Knew it was time to surrender and allow myself to be guided.
  3. Feedback from experts: Being able to get one-on-one feedback is so helpful! I was too close to my business at a point spiralling. Needed to take a step back, detach myself for some outside perspective and then reconnect. The coaches in my mastermind share everything they knew about sales funnels, facebook ads, mindset, operations and so much more. And being able to have access to them was something I was definitely excited about.
  4. Aligned Abundance Mastermind Bonuses: The bonuses definitely helped me make the final decision. I had been eying a few of her courses and gotten a lot of free value from Melyssa in the past couple of years. I had her Pinfinite Growth course so I knew what to expect from her teaching style. There is so much great content between the Profitable Creator, the Confident Creator, Email List Academy, Sales funnel accelerator, her emails templates just to name a few!
  5. Melyssa Griffin: She was someone I’ve been following and admiring from afar. I was a fan of her previous podcast, Pursuit with Purpose and had gotten so much value and inspiration from it. So was excited to see her come back with a new podcast call “Limitless Life” where she shared a bit more about her coaching style and business insights. I appreciated her gentle way of leading and guiding. Seriously, Melyssa is not one of those coaches who’ll tell you what you’re missing or what you have to do to succeed. She leads from a place that honours your alignment and hers.


The mastermind’s highlights

So within the first couple of weeks of the mastermind, all the boxes above were checked, multiplied by 10x more. I was getting so much value. Seriously, if the mastermind ended after 2 months it would’ve been worth it. There were so many additional areas of growth and expansion.

The person that applied for this mastermind vs the person who is currently typing this blog post is a complete 180. I’ve grown so much in the past couple of months, I’ve healed, I’ve cried, I’ve taken up space and nourished parts of me that I had neglected.


Here are the benefits I personally got from the Aligned Abundance Mastermind:

  • I learned to recognize the mindset blocks that were holding me back and making space to heal them. Such as the fear of being seen, imposter syndrome and so much more.
  • I learned about Human Design, embracing who I am as a projector and leaning into my strengths
  • I’ve let go of the stories that were holding me back. For instance the idea that I’m not extroverted enough to be a leader, that I’m not savvy enough to be an entrepreneur or that I don’t need a community to thrive. There were so many little things I was not aware of that was preventing me from fully showing up in my business. I had the privilege of being coached by Melyssa on her Limitless Life podcast where she helped me unravel the resistance that was holding me back
  • Allowed myself to take up space, to be part of a community, to lean on each other. I’ve made friends for life and from around the world, people I thought I didn’t have anything in common with and learned so much from them
  • Now the tangible business stuff: I learned about automation, sales funnels, operations, packaging my services in a way that’s aligned to me. That’s the biggest one, that I don’t have to do anything that doesn’t feel right. I get to align my business to me!
  • How to be a visionary, Kat Herro, Melyssa’s COO is incredible. She’s one of the coaches on the next round too and every time I’m in a call with her I feel so inspired. I don’t have a team yet but I feel empowered to start one. Kat makes dreams come true! I’ve adopted an experimental mindset, seeing challenges as opportunities as opposed to closed doors.
  • I’ve launched my podcast, Whole & Unleashed a place to share stories, people journeys about coming home to themselves
  • Starting an online group program in the spring and a course coming out in summer!
  • Healed my money mindset–something I wasn’t even aware of. I had a lot of mindset blocks and the moment I decided to invest in myself and trust that I was worth it, there was this huge energetic shift that rippled to the rest of the mastermind. So powerful.
  • Both retreats at the start and end of the mastermind were truly healing and transformational. Mind you, the retreats were virtual and we still managed to get a pretty enriching and powerful experience!


Do I recommend this mastermind?

Yes! If you’re looking for community, support and growth than this is the place for you


Was the investment worth it?

Yes, it’s the most I ever invested in myself and would do it again


Should you join this mastermind?

Well, this is up to you! What are your goals? What are you looking for? Are you ready to step up and align in abundance and ease? It’s ok if you’re scared. Just apply and see where this take you (applying does not commit you to the mastermind, if selected you’ll go through an interview process)


Are you still on the brink?

I was interviewed by Melyssa along with 3 other members of the mastermind. Don’t just take it from me, come tune in to their experience here

And learn more about the Aligned Abundance Mastermind here


Got questions?

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