You can’t think your way into alignment

You can’t think your way into alignment

Sep 13, 2021

You can’t think your way into alignment because alignment requires action.

Alignment is a constant practice of coming back to yourself. It’s a process of listening, shifting and recalibrating.

You can devour all the books, learn about different healing modalities, gather all the tips and tools but unless you put them into practice you’re not much further than where you started.

Alignment requires action.

A deep dive inwards: what’s working? what’s not? It’s asking yourself the very questions you might not like the answers to. But if you’re courageous enough to listen and to honour that inner pull then the process of recalibrating has already started. 

And it doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s a continual dance where you receive, digest, discern and integrate. It’s not about getting it right or being perfect. It’s about becoming more YOU.

Perhaps your mind and spirit are craving for other modalities, perhaps there are practices you no longer need or perhaps you’re already healed and ready to move on…

But you won’t know unless you take the next step.

Alignment is not a destination, it’s a state of being.

It’s not static, it’s continuously evolving with you.

What does ‘being’ in alignment means to you right now?

How does it feel in your body to be aligned?

If that feels like a big question right now, simply think of the moments that have brought you joy. What did you enjoy about them? How does joy feel in your body?

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