Slug crossing

Slug crossing

Sep 3, 2015

I couldn’t help but giggle when I first saw this sign during my trip to Vancouver. There’s something about this that I find endearing and inspiring. Slugs take forever to go from one place to another. Why do they even bother? What’s the point if they might have to go back anyways? But then a little voice call reason asks me why am I always rushing?

Sometimes we hold on to a lot of things that do not serve us. We hold on to anger, disappointment, fears, resentment, stress…the list keeps piling on. It may be our feelings or it might be us absorbing other people’s energy. Think road rage, when someone races through you swearing you feel a wave of anger as a reaction, even if it’s only for a split second. We absorb everything that’s around us; the vibration of our surroundings, the emotions of our loved ones, the stress of a coworker, the energies of people passing by and we do so, unconsciously that we’re not even aware of the overwhelming effects it can have on us. It’s hard to detach but it’s not impossible. Take a daily timeout. Try to be aware of your emotions and reactions. Consider if it’s the way you’ll usually react, think calmly and not only will you be looking more inwards, but you’ll be able to stay away from the effects of external/other people’s vibes. Which will ultimately allow you to feel lighter, to see a lot more clearer and even tame your restless mind.

With just a couple minutes a day, make sure you’ve allocated time for self care. to reconnect, to refresh your mind and body. Take it easy, you’ve got nowhere to be, but here now.

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