Social Media Cleanse

Social Media Cleanse

Aug 11, 2015

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my social media ‘cleanse’. I haven’t avoided it entirely but limited myself into checking once or twice a day only if necessary. I’ve definitely been a lot more calmer and present. Why did I do a social media cleanse? Well, because I was spending way too much time scrolling through fb and Instagram. Emails and social media would be the first things I see in the morning when I wake up, I would spend a good 5-15 min just browsing. And before bed time as well, for which my attempts to sleep early were hijacked by my mindless browsing. I became somehow addicted after getting a smart phone, I would pull my phone up whenever I’m waiting in line, waiting for the traffic lights to change, in the elevator…I’ve been on a quest this year to become more mindful (now I know why it hasn’t been working!) I feel time have been slipping by as i witness from far away.

I haven’t read the books I’ve brought throughout the years, yet my bookcases are running out of space. I miss the spontaneity of randomly walking around and taking photographs, reading a book at a new cafe, just biking for the sake of (and not because I have to be somewhere) Instead I’ve spent a lot of my time, unconsciously hooked to my computer watching shows, movies and not really doing much. Because I was “unwinding” Yet I still feel burnout, because I haven’t really relaxed, I was overstimulated by pulling out my phone and “multitasking”. Not really being here, nor there. Being busy yet not productive.

Small changes to create lasting habits! Step one for me: check my phone/social media only when I have a purpose and control my time. Am I answering messages? Catching up with a friend? Posting something relevant? Getting inspiration? Or I’m just procrastinating?

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