The road less travel

The road less travel

May 9, 2014

The road less travelled is often the most exhilarating. Doing what’s been done by others won’t necessarily bring the same satisfaction and sense of accomplishment to yourself. There are no rules, no guide on how to live. There are tips and guidance from those who’ve walked their paths, followed their own rules and made things happen. Yet again there’s no secret formula, it’s about going with the flow and letting your intuition and your inner voice guide you. Boundaries are conventions. Conventions established by generations of fear, by a society obsessed with control and the impossible strive of ‘perfection’ and ‘utopia’. Corporations claim to have the solution to all your problems, telling you what to do and how to live. Yet how many people are actually striving? How many are living their dreams and reaching their true potential? How many are living a fearless passionate life? We often try to look around us for answers when we should be looking within instead. I’ve learnt to practice stillness, to be truly present wherever I am. Learning how to differentiate the energies and vibrations around me. I’ve stopped pushing and forcing things to fall in place, because it won’t. You’ll just end up chipping the pieces of the bigger puzzle of life. Go with the flow, don’t be afraid of the unknown. There’s always a sublime lesson behind each challenge.

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