My journey to slow down

My journey to slow down

Jan 6, 2021

Jessica Lock holding the book Clean Mind Clean Body, talks about slowing down

It’s here!! So excited to start Tara Stiles’ new book ‘Clean Mind, Clean Body’. I started following Tara years ago when I started doing yoga. There was something about her that resonated with me. She didn’t take herself too seriously, carried herself with ease and her giggles were contagious. Her Strala Yoga videos helped calm my anxiety and bring me back to my body. It was a moment I could slow down and tune within.

Little did I know the pivotal role Strala Yoga & Tara would play in next phase of my life

When I quit my corporate career years ago, I was burnout, my body had taken quite a beating from being on overdrive 24/7, the excessive caffeine, lack of sleep, heart palpitations…

And the thing is, I can only blame the industry so much. A part of it was me.

My need to people please, to be a high achiever, to push because somewhere along the way I attached my sense of worth to my job and accomplishments. I was leading with my masculine energy.

I was deep in the hustle and it took everything from me because it could

Enter 2017, I’d quit my job and Strala yoga training lined up perfectly. (Props to past Jess in 2016 for booking this gift to herself not knowing how much 2017 Jess would need it)

And that was the beginning of me coming back home to myself. Tara and Mike shared the concept of ease, slowing down so you can notice what your body/mind is craving for

Suddenly it wasn’t about crossing off the next item in my goals. It was about being present so I can enjoy the journey–as opposed to pushing until I reached the destination.

Because how you are now is how you’ll be when you get there. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Suddenly, I could take deeper breaths. My shoulders dropped a little bit lower. And I started noticing how I was and trust me, there wasn’t a lot of ease back then. And the thing is ease is not easy (or does it mean lazy!)

If you’re interested in infusing some ease, slow down a little and connect within go grab a copy #cleanmindcleanbody

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