Reaching out for help

Reaching out for help

May 23, 2019

Photo and handlettering by @dandrawnwords


Reaching out for help is perhaps the biggest challenge for me 🎯

Growing up I took pride in being independent and self sufficient. Listening to everyone with their issues, while ignoring my own. Because technically my life is great, I’m healthy … nothing to complain or sulk about. But like Britney in Lucky saids “why do these tears come at night?” 😂…I was so used to pushing my emotions down that I could no longer feel them

Does that sound familiar to you?

Oh but your body knows. Your body is wise and remembers. The good and the not so good. Unprocessed emotions become stored trauma in your body. Muscle tightness, palpitations and imbalances that build up if not addressed

So how does one process and release these emotions? I’m not quite sure yet. Talking it out helps, feeling all the feels (the ones we tend to avoid) also helps, journaling, meditating. Releasing anger. Reaching out to someone you trust. A professional, a dear friend. Anything you do, know that you don’t have to go through it alone. One step at a time!

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