Saying Goodbye to What ‘Was’

Saying Goodbye to What ‘Was’

Sep 27, 2018

 Photo by  Aaron Weiss  on  Unsplash

Photo by Aaron Weiss on Unsplash

Hi friends!

It’s moving time for me here. I’ve been packing like crazy and getting rid of all the unnecessary things I’ve accumulated along the years. (It’s soooo much crap…I definitely have some mayor hoarder tendencies 😭) but my god, it’s such a nice feeling to purge! To let go of what doesn’t really bring me joy! Toss it all OUT!

There’s also something promising about a move: New beginning, new adventures, a fresh start at a completely different place. 

But for that to happen, I have to say goodbye to what ‘was’

To make space for the new

Of course there’s a lot of chaos, and work along the way. Updating addresses, purging clothes/memorabilia items…etc

Just like when we set new habits and goals for ourselves 

We must let go of the things that aren’t working to make space for what will 

It’s not easy or even fun. But it’s a necessary part of our growth. There will be a lot of unprocessed baggage being stirred up. Things you’ve buried deep…  and once you deal with them you will be lighter

Like a snake, sometimes we need to shed a part of us to make space for a newer us 🐍

So, my friend, take a look at your life: What is no longer serving you and are you ready to let it go? 

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