How to slow down and soften

How to slow down and soften

Apr 17, 2019

I’m a workaholic.

This is a tough realization and certainly not a badge of honour. 
Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do, so it rarely feels like work. I’m beyond grateful to be able to create a life where I can thread design, photography and wellness together.
But that also means it’s harder to set limits.
My mind is overflowing with new ideas and projects. Where to-dos are stacking like blocks of advance Tetris.
And if I don’t hit pause, everything keeps piling and speeding up!
So how do you set healthy boundaries with yourself? Many would say it’s part of the entrepreneurship hustle. But I firmly believe there’s a better way. Because how you are now, is how you’ll be when you get there. You have to be able to stop and smell the roses.
Don’t drain your resources. Be sustainable. Work smart with everything you have.
Hit pause. Slow down and soften. The secret to recharging and making sure you’re on the right track! Think of how you feel after a nice relaxing vacation? You’re all refreshed, inspired and feeling light. Your mind is clearer and your batteries are full. While it’s nice to take a vacation, it’s not the only time. There are little things we can also incorporate in our routine to feel the same way.
Tune into how you’re feeling, schedule some time to DO NOTHING. I know how hard this can be. We’re too plugged in with the outer world instead of our inner world. Let your mind wander; take a walk, sit in the park and people watch.
Notice how you feel, notice how you are and notice why you’re doing what you’re doing.
Start with once a week. If that seems too much, there are many in-between moments in your everyday where you can hit pause.

Here are a few in-between moments to hit pause:

  • When you’re waiting: Any line, commute, elevator or in traffic. Put your phone down and connect to yourself.


  • Right when you wake up: No phone! Get out of bed, go to a room you like and notice what are your first thoughts and emotions. If you can write them down, the better. Start with a couple of words or sentences


  • Before and after a meeting: Check-in with yourself. Clear your energy. How are you feeling? Post-meeting notice if you’re carrying any negative energy/stress from your meeting. Close your eyes, take a couple of deep long breaths


  • When you‘re in the shower: Feel the water on your skin, notice your thoughts


  • Sipping tea or coffee: Be fully present, mind and body along for the ride


Cause all this is yoga outside the mat 😉 Slow down to sensitize

What are other in-between moments you can cultivate mindfulness and hit pause?

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