The 1 thing I’ve learned in my first year in business

The 1 thing I’ve learned in my first year in business

Sep 6, 2018

“What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had since starting your business?”

That’s the one question I get the most. There are so many things but the most meaningful challenge in the past year has been about finding my center.

So much of my why, what and how has been rooted from getting to know myself better

Not just my desires, dreams and goals but making space for my fears, habits (the good and bad!), health and body. Looking at everything as a whole instead of isolated parts

At the beginning, I felt pulled towards every direction. It seemed like I lacked more than what I had.

My inner dialogue quickly turned into “I am not enough” Not extroverted enough to network, not eloquent enough to guide, not a PhD expert to talk about health or wellness, not knowledgeable enough to be speaking up… and I knew it was all in my mind. The most resistance came from putting myself out there. To be seen. To take up space

I started reading more about entrepreneurship, signing up for free webinars and instagram trainings. And my god was it exhausting. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I realized my idea of ‘wholeness’ came from “once I’ve learned this or done that”

I was working from the outside in

Off my center. And I’ve spent most of my life doing so. Thinking that happiness will only come once I’ve reached a certain destination. Ignoring the journey alltogether

Here are 3 simple things that has helped be find and stay in my center:

  1. Honing into my strengths instead of trying to ‘fix’ weaknesses. No more feeling inadequate about what I lacked, instead using what I’m good at to my advantage.
  2. Strala Yoga: Learning to move in a way that feels good and is good for my body has helped me see what being in my center feels like. It’s a place of strength, comfort and authenticity. I’ve been able to make better decisions about what’s right for me and the most surprising one, making better/deeper connections to the people around me.
  3. Desire Mapping: So much of staying in my center has been about understanding how I feel, why and the feelings behind my desires. More info about desire mapping here

And suddenly all the things that seemed daunting like putting myself out there is no longer scary. The script flipped from a lacking mindset to an abundant one. Instead of “all the things I don’t know” to “look at all the things I can learn!”

This small shift, seeing the glass half full has been a game changer 🥛

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