The Most Effective Formula to Success

The Most Effective Formula to Success

Oct 25, 2018

You have skills, passions and life experiences that no one else has. All that plus your personality makes you incredibly unique.

If someone said that to me years ago, I wouldn’t have believed them. I didn’t stand out or had any particular skill. There will always be far more talented people out there. So what’s my advantage? Hard working?

You see, I too bought into the idea that I was not enough. I lacked more than what I had. My worth was attached to accomplishments, money, and of course my parents bragging rights — which frankly were never enough compared to their friends’ kids who had a zillion degrees and made lots of $

Let me cut to the chase:

Skills and talents are great but what matters more is the person behind them

Have you ever met someone vibrant, magnetic and has a certain je ne sais quoi? They seem so comfortable and sure of themselves. Because they are. They’re in sync with who they are. Not defined by anyone’s expectations. And instead of focusing on the bad, they play their strengths

You might think you don’t know enough. Or that everything has already been done(so what?) What matters is the person offering these skills: YOU

You are the *secret formula* to your success 💕

So take care of yourself, focus on the things you’re good at and let your light shine! Like Marie Forleo saids “The world needs that special something only you have”

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