When You Can’t Do It All

When You Can’t Do It All

Mar 18, 2019

Sometimes you simply can’t do it all. How to find more ease with that

Some days I don’t get to practice yoga much (if any). And sometimes days turn into weeks

The only thing that’s been consistent is the *guilt* of not practicing

There’s something about being in the flow and then losing it. Where the resistance to go back grows with the ongoing guilt 🤔 Like how you start a healthy regime and keep it up for a couple of weeks/months and then one day you skip it and realize you’ve completely stopped doing that thing that made you feel so good and proud? That’s where guilt takes over and can easily become self shaming. Hence making our resistance to go back even stronger 😐 (vicious cycle 🔄)

That’s one of the patterns I fall into once in a while. Things are going great and then I lose my rhythm. It becomes harder to find my way back. And I’ve noticed the biggest resistance comes from within. It’s the guilt, the shame of falling out of sync. But it’s an impossible ideal to hold up to: In trying to do all the things and not expect life to intervene

Things happen. And in my journey towards more ease, I’ve learned that one of the most important components is self compassion. 💞Forgiving yourself for not always meeting the expectations you hold yourself to and instead surrender to the unpredictable with ease and grace

Sometimes we just don’t have time to do it all and that’s ok. I’m learning to be more gentle. Doing what I can. Taking it one step at a time. Less judgement, more acceptance 🤸🏻‍♀️✨

You’ve got this!

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