You can’t think your way to healing

You can’t think your way to healing

May 24, 2019

You can't think your way to healing

The only way out is through, one step at a time to heal

So I found out recently, why it’s been so incredibly difficult for me to balance 🤔

Below is a graph from my naturopath: it shows how my body has been and still is operating in fight or flight mode. But, what do you mean? I don’t feel that stressed?! 😑

Graph of fight of flight

Graph by my naturopath showing. First step to healing

I was doing all the “right” things: Eating healthy, exercising, practicing ease yet it wasn’t enough. Something was still off. I’ve been wandering in circles trying to pinpoint what.

After all when you’ve been going on a thousand miles per hour for the past 10 years, it becomes a way of being. Pushing became second nature to me

Who am I then, if I’m not accomplishing anything?

Even though I’ve learned a lot of ease and softening from Strala yoga, there is still so much unreleased tension and repressed traumas. In my mind I knew what to do, but you can’t really think your way into healing can you? I need to reprogram my entire way of thinking and being

It’s a challenge slowing down. Somedays are good, I’m doing less and giving myself a lot more space to just be. Other days, not so easy. My anxiety kicks back, I get palpitations again and my mind races. Sometimes, it’s easier to numb with Netflix and that’s ok.

The biggest mistake is pressuring myself to heal faster which is counterproductive cause duh, you can’t heal when you’re stressed!

Embracing more self-compassion and taking it one step at a time. Doing little things like yoga, walking or even deep breathing helps. And the biggest one of all: understanding that even though I’m a health coach I still need help 😅 after all, a doctor can’t operate on themselves right?!

Remember, healing is not linear 💕 and you don’t have to do it alone. I’m so grateful to finally have someone to lean on, hold my hand and guide me through

Big hugs,


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