Adina Kroll on identity, projections and letting go of perfection

Adina Kroll on identity, projections and letting go of perfection

Jun 26, 2024

So excited to finally share this episode with Adina Kroll, we recorded this a few months ago and it’s got so many beautiful nuggets of wisdom. Adina is a 5/1 Emotional Projector with the LAX of Individualism. We chatted on identity, projections and letting go of perfection.

I met Adina last year and we hit it off right away, we learned soon, that we share half a design! Adina’s personality gates are my unconscious gates! I’ll share our charts below. But we have the exact same gates (except for moon) with a few different profile lines. Isn’t that fascinating?

In today’s chat, Adina shared more about her background, the societal conditioning she grew up with and how she learned about her design after a frustrating stunt with a marketing coach. Since then she’s learned to honour her own personal style, heal from projections and teach others how to embrace sales while following their energetics.


In this conversation we explored:

  • How Adina started to build self trust
  • The concept of personal responsibility
  • The pressures of the Root center
  • The tension of 5th line projections and the 1st line’s desperate need for foundations
  • Purpose and G centre
  • How she naturally shocks people without even trying
  • Committing before our authorities are aligned
  • The projector experience and the approach on invitations

And more!


Adina’s chart



Our charts together



Listen to our chat


Watch our chat







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What was your takeaway from today’s episode?

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