Brenne Hali on how to communicate with ease, authenticity and confidence

Brenne Hali on how to communicate with ease, authenticity and confidence

Jun 2, 2021

Hello dear listeners! Today’s episode was such a treat to record. My guest today, Brenne Hali is full of wisdom. She shares so many tips on how to be an effective communicator that speaks authentically and in alignment to themselves.

Brenne Hali is a communication coach, educator, and secret weapon to thousands of big-hearted go-getters around the world.

Her greatest passion, and “the why” behind everything she does, is to empower people to show up (and speak up!) as the versions of themselves they most want to be. She provides teams and individuals with the practical tools and coaching they need to overcome nerves, express themselves clearly, and exude authentic confidence in ALL of their interactions.

Brenne founded SelfSpoken with a mission to share the most valuable and practical skills she gained from both her acting career (which began with the national tour of a Broadway musical), and the near-decade she spent facilitating communication and leadership trainings in the U.S. and abroad.

Nothing lights Brenne up more than empowering people (from every background, industry, and career stage) to stop trying to “prove themselves” when they speak, and to start communicating with real, undeniable confidence from the inside out.

Outside of work, Brenne enjoys few things more than long, delicious meals with friends, traveling with her husband, Eli, and dancing full-out in her living room.


In today’s episode Brenne shares:

  • On why we feel nervous when we’re put on the spot and how to overcome that
  • On being self spoken, finding your voice and honing it
  • The importance of intentionality and how to establish that
  • What gentle authority is and how she incentivizes her clients to apply it
  • How to change your relationship to nerves

And so many awesome tips on how to become a more confident speaker


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  • Untamed by Glennon Doyle





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