Cate Giannousopoulos on the beauty of failure and why it’s OK to change your mind

Cate Giannousopoulos on the beauty of failure and why it’s OK to change your mind

Apr 21, 2021

Failure is such a powerful teacher. There is beauty in failure. Yet we fear it, we fear making mistakes, we fear not getting things right.

We want to avoid discomfort at all costs. It’s human of course, because who wants to be in pain or aching? But when we’re willing to ask the questions, to look underneath it all there are so many beautiful lessons and opportunities for growth.


Lessons from failure

So often the most challenging times, where we’re confronted face to face by our shadows; are the times our wounds are yearning for tending and healing. A time, an opportunity to integrate the parts we’ve perhaps neglected.

In today’s episode, my guest Cate Giannousopoulos shares about the beauty of failure, the lessons she’s learned and why it’s ok to change your mind. Cate believes in owning every inch of our stories…the messy, successful, magical parts, even the parts we hoped would be different…and especially the parts that no longer fit because we have changed.

Cate is a passionate, driven woman and mother who has worn many hats throughout the years, including: marketing director, childbirth doula, kickboxing instructor, TV series executive producer, and serial entrepreneur (current: UnstuckCo). She attributes her personal/professional growth to her failures and most painful experiences, not her victories.



In today’s episode Cate shares:

  • Why it’s OK to change your mind, to continuously be learning and unlearning
  • What gets a lot of entrepreneurs stuck and stops them from taking the leap
  • The narratives we hold onto and in what ways they hold us back
  • The types of overwhelm and how to move through them
  • The difference between fixing and healing ourselves
  • The beauty and lessons she learned from “failure and mistakes”


Come join our coversation!


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