David Bastedo on why he refuses to specialize and finding success through failure

David Bastedo on why he refuses to specialize and finding success through failure

Dec 23, 2020

Today’s guest is someone I met in my ad days. His name is David Bastedo and he is a Creative Technologist, Photographer, Artist & Speaker.His personal story is about passion. And you’ll be able to see throughout our chat, David is passionate about exploring and following his curiosities. About having and following dreams, chasing ideas and creativity. Making and creating things. Taking chances. Pushing himself and often failing. Constantly questioning how he wants to live today, tomorrow and throughout the next part of his life.

His Professional story is rooted in the world of digital communications. For over twenty years David worked in advertising agencies. He’s been an independent Digital Consult in various guises, developing online strategies and creating content for clients ranging from Car companies, to Alcohol and Marijuana Producers, Politicians and Rock Bands – to name a few.

As a photographer, he shoots still and moving images of people and things; documentary and events. With a particular fondness for working with musicians. He’s worked with one Canadian band in particular, called the Tragically Hip and documented them for almost fifteen years, as well as their Lead Singer – Gord Downie. The images he made of The Tragically Hip have been published in print and online by every major newspaper in Canada and many international papers. They’ve appeared in ad campaigns, on band merchandise; movies, tv, magazine covers, books and posters and are available for purchase as Fine Art Prints and Licensed Music Collectables.

In today’s episode David shares:

  • About his unconventional path and the ups and downs that followed
  • Why he refuses to specialize
  • Seeing failure as an opportunity for growth
  • How he’s never satisfied, seeing it as a curse and blessing
  • His appreciation for street art
  • What photography means to him, specially working with musicians
  • The famous “the hug” photo he took of Gord Downie and how that lead him to meeting the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau


And David made a special gift for us! He recorded his 50 birthday refleciton piece on audio, adding this as our bonus episode. David, I am grateful for you and let’s dive in!

And soooo much more. Let’s dive in!

And if you’re visual like me here’s a video of our conversation 🙂



  • The Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer



BONUS EPISODE: Gift from David, reading his 50th birthday reflection


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