Expansion Session on expectations, not being truly seen as a 3/5 and fear of showing up

Expansion Session on expectations, not being truly seen as a 3/5 and fear of showing up

Jun 12, 2024

Today’s session is with Helen, a 3/5 sacral generator, split definition with the RAX of the vessel of love. We explore the pressure of not being able to meet expectations, the projections of the 5th line and fear of showing up.

Helen wrote in “I have been caring for my parents, now just my Mum, for 7 years. I have done a lot of inner work but am still stuck with what to do next. I want to coach women through problems with Gene Keys and Human Design. I adore your website and offerings and would love to connect with you […]

At the time of her message she’s seeking support + clarity in navigating “Other peoples expectations and her tendency to people please and ignore her sacral authority!”

She’s looking to create space to care for her mom and also run her side business


Helen’s chart

Episode highlights

  • Feeling disconnected from her IC, vessel of love
  • Struggling to find motivation as she navigates her role as a caregiver and her own health imbalances
  • Her interest in living in harmony with nature
  • How to create a toxic free home
  • Her pull to share her passions and interests
  • The expectations and disappointment from others that’s prevented her from showing up as herself
  • Releasing mental pressure and more


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