Expansion Session: What happens after the dark night of the soul?

Expansion Session: What happens after the dark night of the soul?

Sep 21, 2022


We all hear about or have personally been through the dark night of the soul. And while it is way more than one night, it is often an expression to an awakening that we experience. A rebirth.

And it can be very painful, liberating mixed with a lot of emotions and things coming up to the surface to be confronted and processed. The big question is, But what happens after the dark night of the soul? What happens after these big realizations come up? How do we move through that?

Do we up end our lives, change our identities and start over? Do we move to another country? Do we cut all the bonds we’ve made? And more than often, there are a lot more questions than actual answers. Because it’s such a destabilizing place to be at. It’s like the floor has been ripped out from under.

And yes, we also get to the other side where we experience more alignment and ease but to get there requires some tender recalibration. It is the meeting between where we’re currently at and where we want to be.


Here’s what this guest wrote in for the session:

“As an Asian-American woman, I love that I found a WOC human design practitioner. I moved to Korea in 2020 to reconnect with my ancestral roots. I’ve been studying language but due to COVID, I’ve been largely isolated. In February 2022 I went to South Africa to complete my yoga teacher training as well as a 10-day silent retreat. I was feeling more regulated and well-adjusted only to return to Korea feeling depleted and quite stuck again. I am feeling both stuck AND overwhelmed!

Before leaving for South Africa I wasn’t sure if Korea was ‘forever’ but now I realize it’s not – and while that clarity is helpful it’s also daunting. I do not have a felt sense of home and am lacking direction and clarity around my purpose and dharma. As a result, I’m feeling a bit listless and lost. I have a lot of trauma tied to my root chakra, and without a felt sense of trust in myself and the world around me everything can feel very overwhelming.”


Oh gosh, I can definitely relate with getting a piece of clarity that the place/situation you’re at is no longer good for you and how daunting that realization in itself is.

But also, we don’t have to figure out what the next steps are to move forward. More than often, the only thing we can do when we’re in this place is to hold and support ourselves so we can self regulate until we have the capacity to go explore more options and into problem solving mode.


In today’s Expansion Session we touch on:

  • What it means to be a projector, waiting for the invitation. The surrender piece of it all
  • Moving towards the second phase as a 6/3 projector
  • How to feel safe when we’re in a period of uncertainty
  • Identity, fitting in and sense of self as an adoptee
  • The shock of finding ease in a retreat and then coming back to an environment that doesn’t feel as good
  • Experiencing the highs and lows as an emotional authority and her Channel 39-55
  • Questions about the open centers and the benefits of amplifying them
  • And also noticing and how to hold and move through our emotions instead of trying to problem solve them





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