Karen Gross on communication that sings and how she aligned her double life

Karen Gross on communication that sings and how she aligned her double life

Jan 13, 2021

So often we try to mold ourselves to fit into something.

Be that a job, our passions, relationships, frameworks, an ideal…even clothes.

You know, those tight pants that would fit better if you were a couple of pounds lighter? And let’s be honest here, instead of sparking joy those pants probably spark guilt and maybe even unworthiness.Well, it’s time to toss those pants out my friend!

In fact, anything in your life that makes you question your worth. I said thank you, next to my scale 10 years ago and never looked back or down (that’s a story for another time)

In today’s episode, Karen shares how she integrated her passion for writing and singing. Who saids you can’t have it all?

We’re allowed to do the things that makes us feel good, to pursue what makes us feel alive and be unapologetic about it.

You might be met with some resistance at first, trust me, Karen definitely did! So instead of trying to fit into those roles, Karen aligned those roles to suit her. And you, my friend, can do the same.

She gradually realized that her two worlds were not worlds apart (though the outfits might be). Both words and songs have the power to inspire, inform, connect, and comfort us. And, to Karen, powerful writing and singing share the same goals: to Be candid. Be clear. Be compelling.

That’s why she’s passionate about Communication that sings.™

She launched Karen Gross Enterprises, in 2013 to connect—and help others connect—with audiences through words, songs, and speeches. She’s collaborated with some of the most influential, pioneering leaders and organizations, crafting messages that resonate and get results.

Before starting her own company, Karen spent over a decade as a communications manager, magazine and newspaper editor, reporter, and publicist. Simultaneously, she was also performing and studying voice, cabaret, and comedy in New York City and Philadelphia. She’s been singing since she can remember and performing professionally since graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Wesleyan University.

In today’s episode Karen shares:

  • Her passion and love for words
  • Her journey integrating writing and singing in a way that’s aligned to her
  • Working through imposter syndrome, why perfectionism is an illusion
  • Opening herself up for help and support
  • The power of asking (and receiving!)
  • How things are getting more interesting with age

Come join listen to this electric conversation!


And if you’re visual like me here’s a video of our conversation 🙂




  • Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell




Listen to Karen’s original song here:


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What was your takeaway from today’s episode?

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