Mallory Nunes on writing a book and the journey of rediscovering herself

Mallory Nunes on writing a book and the journey of rediscovering herself

Oct 4, 2022


Today’s episode is with Mallory Nunes, who I met a few years ago at a Strala Yoga retreat that took place in Sundance. (You might’ve noticed a few guests sharing about Sundance on the podcast!) It was such a beautiful retreat that allowed as to connect to ourselves in the most profound ways. It’s been so moving to see people’s journeys unravel since then.

Mallory Nunes plays many roles in her life. She’s a writer, friend, mother, wife, real estate agent among many more  Mallory grew up in Utah where she currently resides with her lovely husband and their four beautiful boys. She works as a Realtor and absolutely loves helping others. In her spare time you can find her practicing Strala yoga, working out, studying culinary nutrition, reading and starting new house projects.

In this episode she shares her experience navigating motherhood, how she came to write her book and her journey of rediscovering herself. She is someone who beautifully embodies what she believes in, walks her talk.



In today’s episode Mallory shares:

  • How a retreat helped her come back to herself and what’s unraveled ever since
  • Moving through motherhood and re-discovering herself
  • How her book ‘The fart that lied’ came to be
  • Becoming a nutritionist expert and learning about allergies
  • On community and finding hers
  • Getting her real estate license and how the family dynamics are shifting
  • Her experience with breast implants and why she removed them


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  • The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Alan Singer
  • Chill Out and Get Healthy by Aimee E. Raupp







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