MJ on social media and becoming a full-time entrepreneur

MJ on social media and becoming a full-time entrepreneur

Nov 10, 2021

Today’s special guest is a a social media expert. Her name is Mallory Hank Johnson, also known as MJ. MJ talks about how social media helped her connect and find her community as she coped with infertility struggles and eventually leading her to transition from a great but unsatisfying 9 to 5 job to full time entrepreneurship doing what she loves.

MJ, is a proud curly-haired millennial mother and military wife who operates the lifestyle brand, Life by MJ. As an influencer and blogger, MJ has completed over 100 brand collaborations with notable brands such as Coca-Cola, Costco, and Oreo all while sharing her musings on motherhood, fashion, beauty, and other lifestyle topics. MJ is also passionate about social media and helping others achieve their dreams. On her podcast, A Life by You, she shares how to harness the power of social media to create a life on your own terms. MJ has also extended her support with coaching, e-course programs as well as a done-for-you social media services, all developed and intended to be sustainable social media strategy solutions to create impactful content on your own terms.


In today’s episode Mallory shares:

  • What lead her to walk away from her 6 figure job in pursuit of something more aligned, how that journey was for her. From her struggles to breakthroughs
  • What happens after you make the leap. We often hear about people quitting their jobs and it all amazing but sometimes things get worst before they get better. We talk about how our bodies reacted and the space it needed to recalibrate
  • How we often override our inner knowing based on a false sense of security
  • How you can leverage social media to your advantage, with practical tips to get started
  • The importance of choosing a platform that’s also fun for you

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  • We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power by Rachel Rogers


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