Nadine on becoming still and allowing her path to unravel

Nadine on becoming still and allowing her path to unravel

Jan 6, 2021

You know how sometimes you get this inner voice, this nudge from within? And while it might not be logical you can feel it in your bones that it’s leading you somewhere.

In today’s episode, Nadine shares the magic of becoming still, listening to her higher self and allowing her path to unravel.

I was introduced to Nadine through a mutual friend of ours, Karla and we hit it off right away! We could’ve talked for hours.

Nadine is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Coach. Even though she started her spiritual journey and worldwide holistic therapies training over 25 years ago, she fell off her path for about a decade and became spiritually disconnected, mentally overwhelmed and physically exhausted. It took closing her business, losing her marriage, and selling her home, (all within 3 months) to learn the value of embracing stillness in her mind and body, to begin listening to her inner wisdom, and eventually re-connecting and finding her way back to herself.

Now she helps anxious and sleep deprived high-functioning women deeply restore and connect to themselves, reclaiming their inner peace and rebuilding energy.

In today’s episode Nadine shares:

  • What she thought her initial path was and what what took her out of it
  • How she followed her curiosity, leading her to learn about Ayurveda and holistic therapies
  • Why she launched a custom dress business that championed body acceptance
  • How she got swept up in the busyness of doing and got disconnected from herself
  • The devastating 3 months that served as a catalyst her into stillness
  • The resistance of being in flow state at first and how she learned to embrace
  • Her adventures in following her inner voice

And a lot more! Come join our grounding conversation!


And if you’re visual like me here’s a video of our conversation 🙂



  • The Alchemist Paulo Coelho







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