Navigating imposter syndrome and holding space for fears

Navigating imposter syndrome and holding space for fears

Oct 21, 2021

Hello my friends! After a few months off I’m back and excited to share the very first expansion session ✨

Expansion sessions are coaching sessions where I help somebody through their resistance and guide them back to themselves.

Essentially that’s what I do either through the lens of human design, coaching and even yoga. All different gateways that could lead us back to ourselves. Even this podcast is meant to be a vessel of remeberance, helping you notice the breadcrumbs back to you 💕

You see, sometimes we learn best when we see ourselves reflected in the other. So much of our struggles feel so isolating yet we all feel them to some degree. What if we could create a space where we can relate as opposed to isolate?

In today’s episode with Janelle we talked about navigating imposter syndrome and holding space for fears. From recognizing what they are to identifying if it’s ours or we’re simply amplifying someone else’s🤯

There is a difference and you’ll notice the moment Janelle does through her breakthrough.

And on the topic of fear, they are rarely as they seem. Specially those that feel “irrational” there’s usually many layers underneath.

This episode is for you if you’re sensing some doubt into a new venture you’re starting or if you’re in the middle of a transition and you’re trying to gain clarity or simply because you want to understand and hold space for your fears.


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