Sonja McGillicuddy on the early signs of perimenopause

Sonja McGillicuddy on the early signs of perimenopause

Dec 23, 2021

Today’s episode is such an important episode for anyone who menstruates or know of someone who does. We talk about the early signs of perimenopause.

I feel like we don’t talk about our hormonal’s changes as much or aren’t even aware of how we’re affected by them. I’m grateful that more people are sharing about their experiences and raising awareness to so many things that can affect us.

Today, my guest Sonja McGillicuddy talks about her experience connecting to her body as she recovered from postnatal depression, her experience with perimenopause and how she helps her clients manage and cope through peri-menopause symptoms.

After a successful career in the Hotel Industry Sonja discovered yoga and began the journey that led her to where she is today. Three years ago she wanted to serve more people and completed a year long Health Coaching certification with IIN.

While studying, she began to experience hormonal imbalances and struggled with depression, weight gain, poor sleep and low energy. So she started researching and learning about perimenopause in order to support herself and move beyond the unpleasant symptoms.

As she healed herself, she realised there is so much that we can do to support ourselves during this time, yet it’t not something that’s talked about enough and so many women suffer in silence.

Today, her intention to support women through her work to not only survive perimenopause, but also thrive during this time. Changes are inevitable, but we don’t have to suffer along the way.


In today’s episode Sonja shares:

  • How postnatal depression lead her to slow down and reconnect to her body
  • Going through Perimenopause and going at war with her body until she surrendered
  • Her journey becoming a health coach, reclaiming her power through food and nutrition
  • The signs of perimenopause and what she’s done to manage those symptoms
  • How to support your body through hormonal changes
  • How she creates a sustainable lifestyle for her clients


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